Bengal Cat Coats: Less wild than they look

Their appearance stems largely from domesticated cats.

Unveiling social networks of critically endangered Grauer’s gorilla

Adult female gorillas are at the centre of social networks in a sanctuary-living Grauer's Gorilla group.

Aardvark’s poop may reveal how the species is impacted by climate

Aridification of the landscape is isolating them.

A Japanese mosasaur terrorized Pacific seas 72 million years ago

A mosasaur called the Wakayama ‘blue dragon’ ruled prehistoric waters.

Study offers new information about the diet of tyrannosaurs

A young Tyrannosaur’s last meal.

How species of snakes have evolved and adapted?

Habitat and diet are strongly correlated to skull shape in dipsadine snakes.

Scientists captured first-ever images of a rare giant coconut-cracking rat

The rare giant rat is at least twice the size of a common rat.

Unlike other mammals, serotine bats engage in unique sexual behavior

A bat which lives in the UK has developed a novel way to reproduce.

Study deciphers the unexpectedly complex history of crocodiles

Scientists are peeling back the layers to find out how the surviving species came to be.

How hummingbirds can fly through dense, narrow spaces?

Hummingbirds have evolved their own unique strategies.

Endangered parrot species are thriving in urban areas

High-tech tracking reveals red-crowned parrots have four main roosts in Texas.

Vocal learning linked to problem-solving skills

Explore the cognitive skills of vocal learners in North American birds.

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