Simple mathematical rules can’t explain the complexity of forests

The way trees grow together do not resemble how branches grow on a single tree.

How do tomato plants protect themselves from drought?

Combining new and classical methods.

Pathogenic fungi infecting the Eucalyptus snout beetle in Eucalyptus forest

Way to develop a bio-pesticide for controlling the beetle.

Beautiful sound of the World’s largest living thing recorded

Listening to the largest tree on earth.

A plant gene required for root hair growth found in grasses

Plant cell types: Unlocking the mystery of root hair development.

Unveiling how plants evolved over the past billion years

Explore the evolutionary process of plants with this Nature Plants study.

Researchers describe seven new species of walking leaves

The discovery of new leaf insects : curious and cryptic.

Biodiversity protects against invasions of non-native tree species

Which regions on Earth are most vulnerable to non-native tree invasions?

Tropical trees rely on social distancing to preserve biodiversity

A key characteristic of the spatial distribution of adult trees.

Gray mold removal without the use of toxic chemicals

How fungus delivers RNA weaponry?

771 endangered plant and lichen species threatened by climate change

Despite the risk, very few of these species have recovery plans that directly address climate change.

Engineering plants for resilience to climate change

PLOS Biology explores plant engineering to improve climate resilience and carbon capture potential of crops.

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