Quantum Physics

Quantum squeeze to make clocks more precise

The Environment's noise affects the stability of clocks. A pendulum's swing can become unbalanced by a slight wind. Furthermore, heat can cause an atomic...

Physicists found a strange metal is strangely quiet in quantum noise experiment

Rice physicists find evidence of exotic charge transport in material.

How does 2D quantum superfluid feel to touch?

Nobody has been able to answer this question during the 100-year history of quantum physics.

It’s possible to control spin waves on a chip using superconductors

Controlling waves in magnets with superconductors for the first time.

A new quantum ruler to explore exotic matter

Twisted Science!

Discovery of ‘Alice rings’ offers a glimpse into an other-worldly realm

A reality where particle physics is quite literally turned on its head.

A key ingredient found for many quantum computation and communication

A linear path to efficient quantum technologies.

Sci­en­tists develop fermionic quan­tum pro­ces­sor

A new type of quantum computer that uses fermionic atoms to simulate complex physical systems.

Quantum entanglement wave detected for the first time

An artificial quantum magnet featuring a quasiparticle.

The microscopic phases of magic-angle twisted bilayer graphene were observed for the first time

New study captures behavior of interacting electrons that give rise to insulating states.

First evidence of ‘quantum superchemistry’ observed

Breakthrough could point way to fundamental insights, new technology.

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