13 new papillomaviruses discovered in Antarctic seals

Viral finds on the frozen frontier.

Study: How are stem cells affected by microgravity?

Stem cells strengthened by space travel.

Scientists built the most extensive and most detailed bird family tree to date

Computational tools fuel reconstruction of new and improved bird family tree.

ISTA researchers create the smallest egg in history

World record: Tiniest egg ever.

Introduced tardigrade proteins slows human cell metabolism

Biostasis is initiated by tardigrade protein assembly.

Scientists identified some proteins that protect against antimicrobial peptides

The proteins that shield the body against its own immune attacks.

How cells are ahead of the curve?

Cells prefer certain curvatures over others.

Understanding the wiring of the human genome

Being able to understand which genes these mutations impact is really critical.

Unraveling the mystery of a creature that evolved eyes with a lens

The researchers lay out what factors led to this peculiar arrangement.

The new technology identifies individual full-length human proteins

Researchers can identify individual, intact, full-length proteins, preserving all its information.

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