Sunday, June 11, 2023

Lung bacterial colonization is also influenced by the host genome

Scientists carried out detailed studies of the lung microbiome in a mouse model.

The motors of cephalopods respond to changes in water temperature

RNA recoding is used by squid to modify proteins for colder water.

Scientists identified a crucial protein in skin aging

The work opens up new perspectives in the development of therapies to improve skin ageing health.

A lost world of early ancestors discovered in billion-year-old rocks

It could change our understanding of our earliest ancestors.

Electrical synapses in the neural network of insects control flight power

Researchers discovered the neural circuit used to regulate insect wingbeat frequency.

Researchers unlock the secrets of cell plasticity

Scientists discover how cells can "reset" their identity.

Ants use neurotoxins to inflict pain on their victims

Ant stings can produce severe and long-lasting harm.

New details of the cellular process which prevents the spread of cancer

A unique molecular mechanism of the early stages of programmed cell death or apoptosis.

A new study reveals how phytoplankton produce oxygen

V-type AT pase boosts photosynthesis in marine phytoplankton.

Antioxidant enzymes repair DNA damage

In crisis, the nucleus calls antioxidant enzymes to the rescue.

A mystery ancient marine reptile from Svalbard has been identified

X-ray examination has enabled the classification of a previously-unidentified marine reptile fossil from Edgeøya, Svalbard, and the technique could provide future unique insights into...

How Botox enters brain cells?

A Botox discovery that could save lives.

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