Sharks functional diversity decreased over 66 million years

Evolution of shark functional diversity.

Geologic record reveals how the oceans were oxygenated

Emerging data suggest that the initial rise of O2 in Earth's atmosphere was dynamic.

Human impact on conservation discussions

Need for improved conservation models including human impact.

Are plants intelligent?

It depends on the definition.

When Earth got it’s freshwater

Ancient water cycle: A 4-billion-year origin.

Study finds climate change will make air pollution worse

Climate change is likely to worsen upward ozone spikes at ground level by 2050.

Soil bacteria breathe out more CO2

CO2 release in bacterial metabolism.

A common ocean algae helps cool the Earth’s climate

New research has discovered that an unexpected ocean algae helps cool the Earth.

Researchers find Earth and space share the same turbulence

Air turbulence in the Earth’s thermosphere is governed by the same principles as those in the troposphere.

Researchers add new sea cucumber species to research toolbox

Advancing biomedicine and ecological conservation.

Ship scrubbers cause great damage to the Baltic Sea

Millions in costs due to the discharge of scrubber water into the Baltic Sea.

Warming Arctic is connected to higher Pacific salmon abundance

‘Open gates’ in warming Arctic are expanding salmon range.

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