Cannabinol shows neuroprotective potential: Insights from fruit fly study

Scientists also identified cannabinol analogs.

How the brain senses body position and movement?

The sense is known as proprioception.

Illuminating Oxygen’s journey in the brain through a new imaging method

Scientists can now monitor changes in oxygen concentration continuously and in a wide area of the brain.

Scientists discovered a brain circuit that coordinates speaking and breathing

The circuit makes sure that breathing is prioritized over speaking.

Gamma rhythm stimulation: Clearing Amyloid in Alzheimer’s mice

A key brain rhythm with light and sound.

Neuroimaging reveals the brain’s path to achieving a creative flow state

Brain oscillations during jazz improvisation show evidence of creative flow.

How do the different brain regions talk to each other?

When we see what others do, our brain sees not what we see, but what we expect.

Scientists discovered a brain area that is more important than expected

Old area in the brain preserved through evolution.

Researchers successfully 3D-printed functional human brain tissue

It’s an achievement with important implications.

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