Baby Baboon brain predicts hand preference for communication

Brain asymmetry in baby monkeys predicts gesture-handedness.

How brains distinguish between music and speech

Auditory system uses amplitude modulation to differentiate between music and speech.

New breakthrough advances vision implants

Flexible polymer electrodes enable stable visual perception.

Brain rehearses future in rest

Hippocampal retuning in sleep.

What makes a memory?

It may be related to how hard your brain had to work.

Scientists mapped a fragment of the human brain

Researchers publish largest-ever dataset of neural connections.

Learning difficulty gene directly affects memory, study finds

Reduced function of the gene in the brain results in loss of learning ability and memory.

A study pinpointed human neural compass

A pattern of brain activity that helps prevent us from getting lost has been identified in a new study.

Understanding cell coordination can offer clues on cognition

To understand cognition — and its dysfunction — neuroscientists must learn its rhythms.

You can’t make long-term memories without damaging your brain cells

Triggering inflammation to make memories.

Cannabinol shows neuroprotective potential: Insights from fruit fly study

Scientists also identified cannabinol analogs.

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