Neuroinflammation’s key role in Alzheimer’s revealed

The results have important implications for the design of microglia-centered therapeutics for AD.

Link found between Cholesterol and Alzheimer’s-like brain damage in mice

Targeting cholesterol potentially could help treat Alzheimer’s, related dementias.

Study reveals brain processes involved in vision

How does the brain react and learn compared to being shown images which match what was predicted?

Your eyes and ears talk with each other, study

Scientists know what they’re saying.

Uncovering the brain network links to drug addiction

This study offers new information that helps explain what may be causing this difference.

Scientists built the first-ever map of a worm’s nervous system

Showing how every single neuron in the nervous system of a tiny worm communicates wirelessly.

Rats can imagine, study

The study is fascinating and sheds light on the similarities between rat and human brains.

Scientists reveal what happens when we pass out

Neurobiologists discover sensory neurons that control fainting.

Unexpected ties: Sleep, brain insulation, and neurodegeneration

BMAL1 loss in oligodendroglia impacts myelination and sleep.

People with autism are less likely to succumb to the bystander effect

The study points to the benefits of having neurodivergent people in the workplace.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation shows promising results for post-stroke ataxia

Case represents first use of bilateral TMS to treat post-stroke cerebellar ataxia.

Turning brain immune cells into neurons

New research offers a tantalizing avenue for treating stroke by reprogramming microglia.

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