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A reusable heated face mask to filter and inactivate coronaviruses

A heated face mask to filter and inactivate coronaviruses.

New algorithm to generate 3D models of the insides of large buildings

A complete workflow that allows to generate 3D models from point clouds of buildings.

Developing 3D photodetectors for biomedical imaging

Innovation spins spider web architecture into 3D imaging technology.

A new method for controlling the edges of 2D materials

Creating perfect edges in 2D-materials.

Walking inside individual cells

It could be used to understand fundamental problems in biology.

Using radio telescopes, scientists connected optical atomic clocks across Earth

Transportable radio telescopes could provide global high-precision comparisons of the best atomic clocks.

Printing sensors directly on human skin

An international team of researchers developed a novel technique to produce precise, high-performing biometric sensors.

Tracking the interactions of microscopic immune cells in a living eye

Imaging the secret lives of immune cells in the eye.