Construction of the largest digital astronomy camera is complete

The camera will help researchers observe our universe in unprecedented detail.

A novel type of battery gathers and stores electricity in remote settings

It harness changes in ambient temperature to self-charge,

Revolutionizing gravity-free tech: Novel material propels magnetic levitation

Using graphite, scientists have created a floating platform that requires no external power.

Scientists 3D printed a miniature ionizer, a vital component of a mass spectrometer

The low-cost hardware outperforms state-of-the-art versions.

Neutrons can bind to quantum dots, study

MIT scientists discovered “neutronic” molecules.

New window coating blocks heat, lets through visible light

It can reduce air-conditioning cooling costs by more than one-third in hot climates.

Machine learning enhances vertical-axis wind turbine performance

They used a genetic learning algorithm to determine the best pitch for a VAWT blade.

Butterfly-inspired AI technology for multi-sensory decision making

The platform is both more advanced and uses less energy than other AI technologies.

New world record for CIGS solar cells

The new world record is 23.64 per cent efficiency.

One-step AI image generator generates high-quality images 30 times faster

Simplifying the image-generating process to a single step while maintaining or enhancing image quality.

Largest photon emission enhancement for single T center to date

Study shows promise for advancing quantum networks.

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