Wednesday, February 8, 2023


Novel chemistry behind ultra-high power density batteries

It has potential to reach ultra-high power densities far beyond current lithium-ion technology.

New elastic material is impervious to gases and liquids

An important step because there has long been a trade-off between elasticity and being impervious to gases.

New, biocompatible materials could improve the effectiveness of chemotherapy

Culinary arts techniques create new therapeutic materials.

An innovative tool for measuring electron dynamics in semiconductors

Insights may lead to more energy-efficient chips and electronic devices.

Squid skin-inspired liquid windows help buildings save on energy costs

The multi-layered system could help buildings react to changing environments.

Scientists solve mystery behind lithium metal battery failure

They say their findings could have major implications for the electric vehicle industry.

New 100% biodegradable paper straws that do not become soggy

Biodegradable, water-resistant, anti-fizzing, polyester nanocellulose composite paper straws.

New technique to cool several nanoparticles simultaneously

A twin pack of cooled nanoparticles.

A new technique for ultrafast control of spins in a microscope

The breakthrough can advance “spintronics".

Scientists developed the first chip-scale titanium-doped sapphire laser

It provides the widest gain spectrum yet seen on a chip.

Abnormal 12-hour cyclic gene activity found in schizophrenic brains

The number of 12-hour rhythmic genes were fewer and many that remained peaked at the wrong time

Engineers created semi-living ‘cyborg cells’ with many capabilities

The cells could maintain their biological activity but could not reproduce.

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