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World’s smallest ultrasound detector

Honey, I shrunk the detector!

Scientists produce the first flat fisheye lens to produce crisp

The single piece of glass produces crisp panoramic images.

Using machine learning to organize the chemical diversity

Machine-learning helps sort out massive materials' databases.

3D printing a magnetic, multi-material pump

Design is the first demonstration of a magnetic, multi-material pump 3D printed all in one piece.

Revealing complex dynamics generated by spinal cord circuits to unprecedented detail

A non-invasive technique for unraveling restless nature of human spinal cord.

Self-check Kiosk to prevent spread of COVID-19

A first-of-its-kind self-check kiosk.

Reconfiguring microwave photonic filters without any external device

This paves the way for more compact, eco-friendly filters that will be more practical and cheaper to use.

New efficient catalysts for efficient water splitting

An efficient and stable HER electrocatalyst at universal pH.