Thursday, July 7, 2022


New lithium-ion batteries that perform well at freezing cold and heat

Such batteries could allow electric vehicles in cold climates to travel farther on a single charge.

Photon Storage in a Ground-State Vapor Cell Quantum Memory

Quantum network nodes with warm atoms

The gut microbiome of bees provides clues about their health

Metagenomic methods could provide important insights into wild bee ecology.

Newly developed ultrathin heteroprotein film could be a better alternative to isolated protein films

They are soft and thin and have the advantage of being more flexible than the other films.

A new hardware vulnerability found in the Apple M1 chip

It shows that pointer authentication can be defeated without even leaving a trace.

Constraining the properties of neutron star matter

Combining heavy-ion experiments, astrophysical observations, and nuclear theory.

New Record: World’s first successful transmission of 1 Petabit per second

A step toward the communication systems that supports the evolution of Beyond 5G information services.

A tool for developing efficient cooling channels for pressure die casting

This can help improve the tool service life and quality of cast parts.

Research paves the way for improving the tensile strength of alloys

The study provides a real insight into what happens at a micro level when an alloy cools.

New laser mode sensor to probe the interiors of neutron stars

New laser breakthrough to help to understand gravitational waves.

Error-free quan­tum com­put­ing gets real

Fundamental quantum operation realized.

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