Wednesday, March 29, 2023


Novel combination therapy for vancomycin-resistant bacterial infections

The therapy stimulates the immune system to clear bacterial infections.

An easy way to make atomically-thin metal layers for new technology

Economic method to create MXene material could enable new electronics or energy storage methods.

A design tool to democratize the art of color-changing mosaics

Color-changing cellulose-based designs for data visualization, education and fashion.

New wood-based technology removes dye pollutants in wastewater

It can combat the widespread problem of toxic dye discharge from the textile industry.

The first stars were not alone

The first quantitative constraint is based on observations of the multiplicity of the first stars.

New soil sensors could improve crop fertilization efficiency

Measuring temperature and nitrogen levels is essential for agriculture.

Drug overdose deaths in US have been increasing for the past two decades

The first year of the COVID pandemic saw significant increases in drug overdose deaths across the USA, with rates higher than recent trends could...

Perceived Russia-Ukraine conflict is related to spreading false news about adversary

2020 survey of Ukrainian citizens reveals how misinformation may spread in a conflict context

Evaluating the interpretability of AI technologies

Shining a light into the ‘‘black box’’ of AI.

Boosting the color brilliance of OLEDs through a fundamental physical concept

New research has shown that a strong coupling of light and material increases the color brilliance of OLED displays.

A new method to boost the speed of online databases

The method accelerates data retrieval in huge databases.

A low-cost alternative for satellites to orient themselves in space

It costs less than 10% of those available in the market.

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