A new method to confirm carbon capture in concrete

Confirming CO2 origins could be useful for emissions trading.

Obesity-resistant shrews can aid weight loss in mice

Transplanting gut microbes from an obesity-resistant shrew can improve microbiome diversity.

Drones can help save more lives from sudden cardiac arrest

Drones enabled the use of defibrillators before ambulance arrival.

Scientists successfully 3D-printed hair follicles

The technique represents an important step in engineering skin grafts, drug testing.

Testing a breakthrough material for dry mouth conditions

Comparing a new hydrogel lubricant with commercial saliva substitutes.

Micromotors can generate green energy from wastewater

This is an interesting discovery.

Scientists successfully printed a robotic hand with bones, ligaments, and tendons

Scientists have greatly expanded the possibilities of soft robotics.

Self-powered, low-cost biosensor for monitoring freshwater ecosystems

A low-cost biosensor for assessing water quality at the input of lakes and rivers.

Water vapor, sulfur dioxide, and sand clouds detected in the exoplanet’s atmosphere

These particles reside within a dynamic atmosphere that exhibits vigorous transport of material.

New sonar-equipped glasses use AI to interpret upper body poses in 3D

A game-changer in wearable body-sensing technology.

High-performance ultrafast lasers that fit on a fingertip

The results show promise for developing photonic chip–based frequency combs.

How to teach androids to smile through human faces?

Japanese researchers have been studying the mechanical details of real human facial expressions.

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