The first complete look at Venus’ orbital dust ring

An unprecedented peek at Venus' dust ring.

Light-bending dance of binary black holes

Visualizations like this help scientists picture the fascinating consequences of extreme gravity’s funhouse mirror.

First entanglement-based quantum network established

A team of researchers from QuTech in the Netherlands reports realization of the first multi-node quantum network, connecting three quantum processors.

Water and quantum magnets share same critical physics

The study may have consequences for the technology of qubits.

Revealing the secrets of a portion of the world’s first color photos

EPFL researchers have shed new light on one of the earliest color photography techniques, G. Lippmann’s Nobel Prize–winning multispectral imaging method.

Study offers crucial insights into systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE)

Lupus clues from cellular 'power stations'.

Searching for ultralight bosons using black holes

Certain ultralight bosons would be expected to put the brakes on black holes, but new results show no such slowdown.

Ancient pottery uncovers honey hunting in ancient West Africa

The first evidence for ancient honey hunting, locked inside pottery fragments from prehistoric West Africa, dating back some 3,500 years ago.

Scientists demonstrated atom interferometry in space for the first time

Laying the groundwork for precision measurements.

New algorithms combined with wearable sensors to track symptoms of Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson's disease: wearable sensors to track symptoms.

Three liquid phases discovered in aerosol particles

It could better explain how air pollutants interact with the atmosphere.

A rare fossil uncovered last meal of prehistoric pollinator

An amber fossil of a Cretaceous beetle has shed some light on the diet of one of the earliest pollinators of flowering plants.

Microplastics are more ubiquitous than science had known

Scientists find microplastics everywhere.