Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Heart attack risk increases at the start of the workweek

Heart attack risk spikes on mondays.

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Viruses from the deep past found in coral DNA

Viral genomes may play a role in the symbiosis between dinoflagellates and corals.

Researchers are exploring how mountains are built

Why mountains form are deeper than previously thought?

Black holes ring: Physics to pay close attention

New methods will allow for better tests of Einstein's general theory of relativity using LIGO data.

Genomes of 233 primate species have been sequenced

New insights into genetic diversity and diseases.

Estrogen ingested in pill form may increase the risk of high blood pressure

The type of estrogen-based menopausal hormone therapy had varying impacts on developing high blood pressure.

Age-related myelin degeneration linked to Alzheimer’s

Researchers identify new pathway to alzheimer's disease.

The ‘breath’ between atoms is a key building block for quantum technology

Vibration between two layers of atoms can be used to engineer quantum technologies.

A new study finds eye drops can slow nearsightedness progression in children

Eye drops show promise in slowing nearsightedness progression in children.

Whales’ contribution to the global carbon flux is too small

Whales not to be counted on as ‘climate savers’.

Healthy gut microbiome may protect against aging

Viral diversity in the gut may be associated with a longer lifespan.

Ketamine has proved itself as a rapid-acting and effective treatment for depression

Scientists discovered positive effects of intravenous ketamine for treatment-resistant depression.