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Vitamin D deficiency was common among children during the industrialization period in England

The deficiency was indicated in the teeth of three-quarters of individuals, especially males.

A correlation between the UK’s austerity policies and increased frailty among the elderly population

The implementation of UK austerity politics and increased frailty among the oldest adults.

Construction of the largest digital astronomy camera is complete

The camera will help researchers observe our universe in unprecedented detail.

Environmental monitoring is an economical method for typhoid fever surveillance

Detection of the viruses that infect the typhoid fever bacterium in sewage indicates disease burden.

More babies were born on weekdays than on weekends or holidays

The frequency of births increased, and the gap between deliveries on weekends/holidays and weekdays widened.

Astronomers discover evidence of star Collision that created unique Magnetic Star

A pair of stars in the Norma constellation located about 3800 light-years away from Earth have been found to be very different from each...

The brain separates the sound into direct speech and its echo

Neural activity was best captured by a model that separates direct speech from its echo.

DNA extracted from ancient feces can provide insights into the gut environment of ancient Japanese

The samples also contained evidence of bacteria and viruses from the ancient human gut microbiome.

How did the moon turn itself inside out?

More of a choose-your-own adventure novel.

Relationship satisfaction linked to better mental health, says Australian study

Finances and general demographics account for 3% and 2% of mental health variation, respectively.

A novel type of battery gathers and stores electricity in remote settings

It harness changes in ambient temperature to self-charge,