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Revolutionary method to fight fatty liver

Semaphorin-3A controls liver blood vessel permeability, enhances Fatty Liver.

New heart architecture research explains human evolution

Human left ventricular trabeculation diverges from other Hominidae.

Novel method for controlling thermal emission at a designed interface

Finely created interfaces offer new design strategies beyond conventional materials.

Enhancing ferromagnets for high-speed technology

Auto-oscillations and spin inertia in ferromagnets.

Birds adapt flight mechanics using lungs

Respiratory system affects light in soaring birds.

Boosting mental health support among men

Future research and practice directions in men's mental health peer support.

New research could change how space missions are conducted

Research breakthroughs to take space missions to new heights.

Geologic record reveals how the oceans were oxygenated

Emerging data suggest that the initial rise of O2 in Earth's atmosphere was dynamic.

Human impact on conservation discussions

Need for improved conservation models including human impact.

Midlife memory issues linked to early depression

Prolonged depression in youth linked to midlife cognitive decline, especially in black adults.