Webb’s findings explain the dark galactic region

UF astronomers illuminate dark region of Milky Way.

Unraveling the Mystery: A rocket booster leaves two craters on the Moon

Tracking an errant space rocket.

Ghostlike dusty galaxy reappears in Webb’s image

This thing is a real monster.

Chandrayaan-3 Propulsion Module moved from Lunar orbit to Earth’s orbit

Returns to home Earth!

A new possible explanation for the Hubble tension

A solution to one of the great mysteries of cosmology.

Early Earth’s nitrogen most likely came from meteorites

Icy micrometeorites: Nitrogen transport to earth.

Webb’s study shows rocky planets form in harsh conditions

These are the first results from the eXtreme UV Environments (XUE) James Webb Space Telescope programme.

Scientists verified an important property of black holes

The team analyzed data from the heaviest black hole merger detected so far.

A giant and extremely faint stream of stars spotted between galaxies

This line is ten times as long as our Milky Way.

Spider pulsars- 17,700 light-years away- destroying nearby stars

The combined data allowed researchers to better understand how spider pulsars prey on their companion stars.

1st detection of a rotating disc around a massive star outside the Milky Way

This is the most distant disc around a massive star ever to be directly detected.

ESA’s Cheops mission unlocked a rare star system with six exoplanets

The discovery is particularly valuable.

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