Looking for life beyond Earth? Venus as a potential habitat

Earth-like but incapable of hosting life.

NASA’s Voyager 1: Team reconnects with humanity’s farthest beacon

NASA’s Voyager 1 resumes sending engineering updates to Earth.

Astronomers discover 1031 Uncatalogued Asteroids

The team used the help of "citizen scientists" worldwide, who contributed to identifying this asteroid bounty. Professional scientists then combined the volunteers’ efforts with...

Venus’s atmosphere emits Oxygen and Carbon

Surprising insights into how gases are stripped away from the upper layers of the planet’s atmosphere.

Jupiter’s Moon Io has been volcanically active for 4.5 billion years

Jupiter's moon Io is the most volcanically active place in the solar system.

Astronomers Discover Most Massive Stellar Black Hole in Our Galaxy

A discovery by astronomers from the European Space Agency’s Gaia mission has revealed the most massive stellar black hole ever found in the Milky...

Purple may be the new green for alien life, study

Unveiling the enigmatic purple worlds.

Construction of the largest digital astronomy camera is complete

The camera will help researchers observe our universe in unprecedented detail.

Astronomers discover evidence of star Collision that created unique Magnetic Star

A pair of stars in the Norma constellation located about 3800 light-years away from Earth have been found to be very different from each...

How did the moon turn itself inside out?

More of a choose-your-own adventure novel.

Unusual radio pulses detected from a previously dormant star

Unprecedented behaviour from nearby magnetar.

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