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Tech Explorist™ covers each technology that shapes our world and changes our lives from Earth to Space and everything in between.


To highlight the scientific discoveries, technology, and groundbreaking research that will shape human living.

I’m dedicated to making Tech Explorist more useful. The purpose is to include interesting fundamental concepts and essential points to be explored. – Amit Malewar

Tech Explorist keeps you updated with the latest technologies, extensive research including inventions, health discovery, and inspiration. It also focuses on health and updates your conscience over sensitive issues. For those who are technology lovers, TechExplorist.com serves as a mentor in the process of inventing something new to seek inspiration by lighting up a spark and encouraging them to work in the direction of creating something no one would have ever thought. Keep in mind, “Efforts never go wasted, my friend.” We have provided detailed FAQs to help you with any question that might come up while using the TechExplorist. Nine out of ten times, your question has already been answered in the FAQs.


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