Revolutionizing Hydrogen Storage: New Material to Power the Future

Learn about the latest advancements in hydrogen storage technology and how it can drive the future of clean energy solutions.

Boosting common catalytic reactions with just a little electricity

It can enhance the efficiency of these reactions by up to 100,000 times.

A global Nitrogen mystery unraveled

The study could significantly changes the understanding of ammonia oxidation.

New insights into the properties of metallic glasses

Solving mysteries of metallic glass at the nanoscale.

Molecular secrets of explosive perchlorate salts revealed

Studying the properties of crystals using only the analysis of their structure.

Green Revolution in Ammonia Production Unveiled

In a groundbreaking revelation featured exclusively in the Early-Career Researchers section of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) in 2023, Dr....

Water molecules at the surface of salt water are organized differently

Water molecule discovery contradicts textbook models.

The unexpected role of dry-cleaning fluid in synthetic chemistry advancements

The path to upcycling perc and thus contribute to a more sustainable society.

Transmitting domino reaction using redox chemistry

The first domino falls for redox reactions.

Scientists created 3D maps of the next-generation alloys

3D atomic details of next-generation alloys.

Molecular harmony at life’s doorstep

Codon-centric RNA binding in nucleotide–amyloid interplay analysis.

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