More babies were born on weekdays than on weekends or holidays

The frequency of births increased, and the gap between deliveries on weekends/holidays and weekdays widened.

The brain separates the sound into direct speech and its echo

Neural activity was best captured by a model that separates direct speech from its echo.

DNA extracted from ancient feces can provide insights into the gut environment of ancient Japanese

The samples also contained evidence of bacteria and viruses from the ancient human gut microbiome.

Up to 11 million tonnes of plastic pollution is sitting on the ocean floor

Ocean floor a 'reservoir' for plastic pollution, world-first study finds.

13 new papillomaviruses discovered in Antarctic seals

Viral finds on the frozen frontier.

ATLAS provides the first measurement of the W-boson width

This is the most precise single-experiment measurement to date.

In pre-Roman times, humans were buried with dogs, horses, and other creatures

Co-burials are still a mystery, but might indicate animal companionship or religious customs.

Unveiling Earth’s past through 2.5 billion-year-old Pacific rock samples

Pacific rock samples offer a glimpse of an active Earth 2.5 billion years ago.

Tree rings hide secrets about the most significant solar storm in history

Tracing the largest solar storm in modern times from tree rings in Lapland.

Scientists visualized quantum effects in electron waves

Kapitza-Dirac effect used to show temporal evolution of electron waves.

Plants do scream when stressed

Listen to the audio recording of plant sounds.

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