Wednesday, May 25, 2022


New brain imaging approach breaks long-standing speed and resolution barriers

The fastest photoacoustic imaging tool available.

A completely new type of magnetic wave discovered deep down

There are also other, more elusive, dynamic processes happening deep down below our feet.

A step closer to making terahertz technology usable in the real world

A new effect in two-dimensional conductive systems that promises improved performance of terahertz detectors.

Scientists are using autonomous underwater robots to sample eDNA

A new study highlights a major step forward in monitoring ocean health.

A secret of stronger metals unveiled

Study shows what happens when crystalline grains in metals reform at nanometer scales.

A study reveals why octopuses suffer a tragic death after mating

The study points to changes in cholesterol production.

Ultracold bubbles created on ISS pave a new way toward Quantum Research

The bubbles provide new opportunities to experiment with an exotic state of matter.

A new, unexpected phenomenon discovered in quantum physics of materials

New ways of powering “spintronic” and other technological devices of the future.

First direct observation of the dead-cone effect in particle physics

The study provides direct experimental access to the mass of an elementary particle known as the charm quark.

Scientists discovered previously unknown dolphin species

Scientists made this discovery based on bones from the inner ear.

A new law unchains fusion energy

The update shows that we can actually safely use more hydrogen fuel in fusion reactors.

Listen to the sound of Aurora Borealis

The aurora borealis can be heard even when they can’t be seen.

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