Wednesday, March 29, 2023


Strengthening trust in machine-learning models

A "taxonomy of trust" to identify confidence in data analysis.

Generating spatially structured electron spins using a structured light

Storing information with spins.

How genome doubling helps cancer development

WGD changes DNA structure, activating oncogenes that drive cancer growth.

A new bright red fluorescent protein developed

A very robust bright red fluorescent protein that folds quickly and completely without further disadvantages.

Earth needed time to ‘mix’ its continental crust

The formation of continental crust plays a central role in stabilizing climate.

Synergistic Iron Carbide Catalysts Enable Direct Syngas-to-Higher Alcohol Conversion

Synergistic Ca-Fe catalyst exhibited high alcohol selectivity and space-time yield.

How does life thrive in extreme conditions?

The genetics of temperature adaptation.

Blocked cell wall formation prevents bacterial cell division

Antibiotics inhibit the growth of Staphylococcus aureus.

ATLAS and CMS observed the simultaneous production of four top quarks

A rare phenomenon that could hold the key to physics beyond the Standard Model.

An improved ATLAS measurement of the W boson mass

Improved ATLAS result weighs in on the W boson.

Research reveals details about the mysterious author of early astronomy textbooks

The study uncovered previously unknown details about scholar's background and family.

Scientists discovered a key factor through which plants respond to temperature

The tiny key to a major goal: maximizing crop growth.

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