Sunday, May 22, 2022


Study maps how the brain changes during depression treatment

The study maps the impact of a depression treatment called rTMS on the brain.

A better diet can help young men overcome depression

The study contributes to the emerging field of nutritional psychiatry.

Novel approach could lead to the treatment of devastating brain tumors

A glimmer of hope for finding a solution to Hox gene dysregulation.

Scientists developed tear duct organoids

Nothing to cry about: the development of tear duct organoids.

COVID-19 deaths among the elderly may be due to genetic limits on cell division

Study uses a model that virtually examined the relation of T-cell clonal expansion with COVID-19 mortality.

Long-duration space flight affects astronauts’ brains, study

It also forces you to think about some basic questions of science and how life evolved here on Earth.

Scientists discovered the ideal amount of sleep in middle and old age

Too little or too much sleep is associated with poorer cognitive performance and mental health.

Study reveals the complexity of sleep machinery

Sleep machinery is not as simple as we think it is

A novel treatment could rapidly clear carbon monoxide poisoning

Creating an easy-to-administer antidote.

Health experts call for focusing on Children’s physical fitness

Following concerning changes to children's health and physical fitness post COVID-19

Singing techniques can improve the quality of life and breathlessness after COVID-19

Arts-in-health interventions can be effective tools for carefully selected participants.

Use of three simple treatments in combination to reduce cancer risks

Simple treatments, promising results

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