Current antiviral treatment course is inadequate for high-risk COVID-19

Molnupiravir's impact on SARS-CoV-2 response in at-risk outpatients.

Enhanced arterial connections help in stroke recovery

Leptomeningeal collaterals control blood flow in ischemic strokes and save the brain from ineffective clot removal.

Impact of obesity on mice liver function

Opposite metabolic dysregulation in obese liver.

Human nerve cells mimic early central nervous system

Patterned human neural tube model with microfluidic gradients.

Using deep brain stimulation, researchers pinpoint disturbed neural circuit

Frontal cortex circuit Mapping by deep brain stimulation.

Enhanced synthetic human mini heart created by MSU researchers

Human primitive heart organoid model created from pluripotent stem cells' self-organization

TB vaccine reduces liver cancer tumors in mice

BCG option for repurposing HCC treatment with Mechanistic insights

Air pollution can cause more signs of Alzheimer’s in the brain

PM2.5 Exposure linked to Alzheimer's Disease pathology in brain donors.

Fasting diet reduces disease risk and biological age in humans

Changes in markers indicate reduced disease risk from fasting-mimicking diet.

Improved sleep boosts memory for complicated situations

Sleep helps in forming connections between memories for multipart events.

Connections between human and canine brain tumors

The molecular counterpart of aggressive MenG C meningiomas found in canines.

HIV prevention medication doubles with digital health interventions

HIV prevention among young people at risk for HIV acquisition.

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