Insights into right atrium changes in cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular disease has profound effects on the structure and function of the heart.

Scientists detected 23 types of microplastics in the testicular tissue

This finding raises more concerns over the potential impact of microplastics.

How gender discrimination affects the wellbeing of older women?

11% of women aged 52+ face gender discrimination, causing depression, loneliness, and poor quality of life.

New “game-changing” blood test for stroke detection

It can quickly and accurately identify an aggressive type of stroke.

Scientists identified cell populations that could be key to treating obesity

New cells discovered in human omental adipose tissue inhibit fat cell formation.

Scientists identified genes that drive age-related blood cell mutations

New research identifies a larger pool of genes involved in clonal haematopoiesis.

Metabolism of autism reveals developmental origins

Findings suggest new possibilities for early autism detection.

The science of reducing stress with dogs

EEG scans reveal specific changes in brain activity while petting, walking, and playing with a dog.

Promising breakthrough: Reversing autoimmune hair loss with novel treatment

This treatment allowed hair to regrow and dramatically reduced inflammation.

An increase in sedentary time from childhood causes progressing heart enlargement

Childhood sedentariness linked to premature heart damage.

Investigating the science behind the Wim Hof Method

Wim Hof method can reduce inflammation by increasing epinephrine and decreasing pro-inflammatory cytokines.

Premenstrual disorders are linked to perinatal depression

Researchers utilize data from Swedish nationwide registers of over 900,000 women.

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