Revolutionary method to fight fatty liver

Semaphorin-3A controls liver blood vessel permeability, enhances Fatty Liver.

Boosting mental health support among men

Future research and practice directions in men's mental health peer support.

Midlife memory issues linked to early depression

Prolonged depression in youth linked to midlife cognitive decline, especially in black adults.

Impact of heat and cold on early brain development

Early heat and cold influence children's white matter.

Blood test detects potentially fatal heart condition in children

Blood biomarkers predict risk in children's heart disease.

Does beet consumption prevent heart disease?

Nitrate supplementation enhances vascular function in women.

CU Anschutz researchers unravel antidepressant mechanism

The neuroplasticity perspective on depression.

Creating digital babies for better infant care

Personalized models forecast infant growth & disease markers.

Anxiety and PTSD among displaced Ukrainians: Study

A study comparing mental health and blast exposure found differences.

Low-intensity exercise connected to decreased depression

Physical activity and mental health complications.

Gut stem cells gain a new identity

Fate mapping finds the source of Lgr5+ cells in the intestine

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