Early-onset dementia linked to newly identified protein

Frontotemporal lobar degeneration linked to TAF15 amyloid filaments.

Researchers alter mRNA therapies for safer immune responses

N1-methylpseudouridylation induces +1 ribosomal frameshifting in mRNA.

The cause of lower back pain

Cedars-Sinai study links back pain to specific spinal cells.

High blood pressure linked among couples in global research

Evidence of hypertension concordance among heterosexual couples worldwide: Insights from aging studies.

Viruses killed equally by gentle cleansers and harsh soaps

Research explores the effectiveness of different hand hygiene products against viruses in COVID era.

Allergy medicine may treat lung cancer, suggests research

IL-4 signaling in bone marrow promotes tumor-friendly myelopoiesis.

Aging accelerates in transplant patients with older organs

Alzheimer's polygenic risk scores tied to different processes based on cell type.

Implant promises widened access to life-saving diabetes treatment

Long-term survival of encapsulated islets without immunosuppression via inflammation-induced neovascularization.

A new way found to identify a sign of inflammatory bowel disease

Unlocking human chemical structures via reverse metabolomics.

Nerve stimulation boosts pancreas regeneration of insulin cells

Vagal nerve optogenetics boosts glucose-stimulated insulin secretion and β cell growth.

Protein clumps can cause brain diseases

Prion protein cross-seeding deactivates TDP-43.

Vitamin D supplements do not increase bone strength in children

Challenging widely held perceptions.

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