Wednesday, May 31, 2023


Having facility dogs in children’s hospitals is beneficial for both the patients and the staff

Full-time hospital facillity dogs can provide valuable support during terminal illness and help gain patients’ cooperation, according to a new study that surveyed the...

In Sub-Saharan Africa, nearly 30% of young children may be affected by malaria

Almost three out of ten children in 13 Sub-Saharan Africa countries are infected with malaria, with older under-five children living in large families with...

Researchers are developing an innovative strategy to fight obesity

Ex vivo gene therapy to fight obesity and diabetes in mice.

Salt: A Silent Killer

High salt intake causes cognitive impairment by activating angiotensin II-AT1.

New battery-free pacemaker uses light to regulate heartbeat

University of Arizona is developing a pacemaker to reduce pain.

Pan-cancer T cell atlas reveals tumor microenvironment

A new T cell state linked to immunotherapy resistance.

The low-flavanol diet causes age-related memory loss

Low flavanol intake can lead to age-related memory loss.

Developing Treatment Options for Genetic Hearing Loss

Zheng-Yi Chen develops gene therapies for hearing loss.

Nature-inspired compounds break down cancer gene’s RNA

Nature-inspired compounds can be used to target cancer genes' RNA.

Poor eating habits in college can lead to long-term health problems

Obesity-related eating behaviors a major public health concern.

Multivitamin improves memory in older adults, study

An inexpensive way to help older adults slow down memory decline.

UCL researchers identified five types of heart failure

Significant differences found between the subtypes in patients’ risk of dying in the year after diagnosis.

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