Is hydrogel the future of more convenient HIV treatment?

Creating long-lasting antiretroviral injectables with smart drug design.

UMass Amherst study reveals small RNA’s vital role in fighting cancer

Let-7 boosts tumor-fighting CD8 T cells in mice.

Seasonal trends in diabetes care through glucose data

Exploring seasonal glycemic trends with wearable data.

Your body’s cannabinoids calm you during stress

Endocannabinoids regulate stress-induced behavioral adaptation.

11 genes linked to aggressive prostate cancer mutations

Using germline sequencing to guide prostate cancer gene panel testing.

Key biomarker discovered for tracking depression recovery

Cingulate dynamics track depression recovery with brain stimulation.

Equal effectiveness, fewer side effects in child sinusitis antibiotics

Comparing amoxicillin-clavulanate vs. amoxicillin for child sinusitis treatment.

Less stress boosts T cells as cancer fighters

Sympathetic nerves linked to T cell exhaustion via β1-adrenergic receptor.

Model cuts costs, boosts generic drug availability

Guarding healthcare supply chains: Civica Rx's vaccination.

Restoring walking in paralyzed mice with regenerated neurons

Walking recovery after paralysis through neuron regeneration.

Positive side of suppressing negative thoughts in mental health

Enhancing mental health through thought suppression training.

Bone stem cell triggers early skull fusion

Exploring stem cell's role in craniosynostosis and calvarial mineralization.

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