Monday, October 3, 2022

Robots that resemble humans could be thought to have mental states

Some people perceive robots that display emotions as intentional agents, a study finds.

Silicone raspberry to tech harvesting robots to grasp fruit

Soft sensorized physical twin for harvesting raspberries.

MIT’s Mini Cheetah runs at the highest speed ever recorded

The robot learns to run entirely by trial and error in simulation.

Mimicking the human brain to help robot out of maze

Organic neuromorphic robots can now move too.

Representing robotic manipulator using a novel method

Contact-aware robot design.

A sharp-tipped robot finger to identify buried objects

Slender robotic finger senses buried items.

PufferBot: Pufferfish-inspired robot could make flying drones safer

A hovering quadcopter drone.

Researchers taught microscopic robots to walk using laser pulses

These microscopic robots may someday travel through human tissue and blood, delivering drugs.

New mini surgical robot can precisely perform delicate microsurgical tasks

It could make surgical procedures safer for both patients and doctors.

A pipetting robot that can dispense individual cells one by one

The innovation allows for enhanced reliability and can save life-science researchers time and money.

Novel soft humanoid hand creates safer human-robotics interactions

The robotic hand has the merits of fast response, large grasping force, low cost, and light weight.

Facebook builds a robot to install fiber-optic cable efficiently and cheaply

It aims to reduce the cost of deploying fiber cable to make internet service cheaper.

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