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UniSA develops pandemic drone to detect Coronavirus in the crowd

We already know the role that drones have played in China during the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, either by distributing medicines,...

Motorized ankle exoskeleton boosts runner’s speed by 10%

Exoskeletons - robotic wearable technologies that increase our physical capabilities - are slowly leaving the world of comics to become a reality....

A new way to sensorize soft robots and wearables

Many soft robotic systems require integrated sensors that can extend and accommodate along surface contours. Over the last decade, composite materials made...

Octopus-inspired Tentacle Bot can handle a wide range of objects

We, human beings, are able to grab objects with our hand thanks to the thumb that serves as a clamp. It brings...

A blood-sampling robot for automated blood drawing and testing

In the first human clinical trial, an automated device performed better than people.

Bionic heart for testing prosthetic valves, other cardiac devices

Device made of heart tissue and a robotic pumping system beats like the real thing.

A soft robot muscle that can regulate its temperature through sweating

Scientists took inspiration from the natural cooling system that exists in mammals: sweating.

Introducing Vyom Mitra, an ISRO’s space robot

First Indian woman to ride to space.

Samsung Ballie, a rolling robot helps with household chores

A small, rolling robot that understands you, supports you, and reacts to your needs.

New metallic material for flexible soft robots

The new material is half as light as paper, which also makes it more power efficient.