Scientists created a taxonomy for AI privacy risks

The researchers identified 12 privacy risks.

A modular artificial reef that can dissipate wave energy

Faux reefs for coastal protection.

Unveiling the path to creating super-diamond

The significance is twofold.

Understanding how cracks propagate in brittle solids

A rare glimpse into three-dimensional crack formation in brittle solids.

A new method for classifying electronic music

Getting with the electronic beat.

Ceramic coatings promise gas turbines that produce more power

Power plants will produce more energy with new coating on gas turbine blades

New method enables the synthesis of several new 2D materials

A new world of 2D material is opening up.

Analog computing can solve complex equations and use far less energy

A memristor device can solve complex scientific problems using significantly less energy.

A novel technique to create a new energy-efficient microelectronic device

A new way to precisely modulate electron flow.

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