Ammonia-powered engines for cleaner, more efficient transportation

New study brings us closer to viable ammonia-fueled vehicles.

FPS launches zero-emission hydrogen-powered cargo barge

The hydrogen-powered vessel will ship goods completely emission-free on the Rhine.

Jaguar Land Rover develops anti-motion sickness tech for self-driving cars

It could reduce the impact of motion sickness by up to 60%.

Bentley’s OCTOPUS project aims to deliver e-powertrain of the future

Recyclable system will remove the need for rare-earth magnets.

Virgin Galactic and Rolls Royce to build a Mach 3 supersonic commercial jet

New supersonic aircraft would be able to travel at three times the speed of sound.

Volta Zero, a futuristic electric truck with 200 km of autonomy

The Zero, with no tailpipe emissions, is a truck built for the zero emissions city.

The Boring Company to host a high-speed tunnel-digging competition

The aim is to build a large network of tunnels to enable fast, safe, and comfortable transportation.

Voxan Wattman, an electric motorcycle that aspires to be the fastest in the world

It is specially designed to beat the current world speed record for electric motorcycles.

BMW presented the fuel cell powertrain for its i Hydrogen NEXT

Most of the major auto groups' recent efforts to align with sustainability demand have rested on electric battery models. While the world is focused...

Infotainment systems are more dangerous than alcohol use while driving

Until now, alcohol and a series of other intoxicating goods are often blamed as one of the main factors that cause accidents. However, a...

Fast charging can damage electric car batteries

According to a new study by the University of California, Riverside- Adaptive fast-charging methodology for commercial electric batteries can cause them to crack, leak,...

New algorithm could help self-driving cars avoid collisions, traffic jams

As the use of driverless cars is getting closer and closer to become an everyday reality, the need for a way to drive them...

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