Tuesday, May 17, 2022


New algorithm to enhance 3D effects in phone videos

It enables the same video from not just one point of view but from any of the 7×7 grid of viewpoints.

MIT’s Mini Cheetah runs at the highest speed ever recorded

The robot learns to run entirely by trial and error in simulation.

New acoustic fabric hears your heartbeat

Inspired by the human ear, a new acoustic fabric converts audible sounds into electrical signals.

New method to display a highly realistic holographic image

Stackable ‘holobricks’ can make giant 3D images.

Scientists created a promising alternative to certain piezoelectric materials

It has the same proprieties yet may be 100 times more effective.

Analyzing the DNA, RNA, and chromatin simultaneously from a single cell

New technology enables an unprecedented glimpse inside single brain cells.

A new computational model guides the development of new MOFs materials

Using neural networks to find the properties of MOFs, for catalysis and other applications.

Scientists significantly improved micro-computed tomography

Advances in micro-computed tomography.

New metasurface-based antenna to harvest energy from radio waves

This technology could potentially provide wireless power to sensors, LEDs.

New process to produce ethylene from food waste without greenhouse gas emissions

Great help is expected for domestic chemical companies to achieve carbon neutrality.

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