A novel technique to create a new energy-efficient microelectronic device

A new way to precisely modulate electron flow.

Enabling AI models to see the world more like humans do

Researchers enhance peripheral vision in AI models.

Unveiling Earth-Mars orbit connection: Deep-sea circulation and climate patterns

Giant whirlpools in warming oceans could mitigate Gulf Stream stagnation.

Healable cathode makes solid-state Li-S batteries a practical reality

Healable cathode could unlock the potential of solid-state lithium-sulfur batteries.

MIT sensor can detect harmful ‘forever chemicals’ in drinking water

Found in many consumer products, these chemicals are linked to cancer and other health problems.

An optical display technology based on mechano-optical mechanisms

The team delved into the impact of trapped electrons.

Compact chips could revolutionize navigation, communication, and more

New light-to-microwave converting tech shrinks a tabletop system into a chip-sized format.

Ammonia-powered engines for cleaner, more efficient transportation

New study brings us closer to viable ammonia-fueled vehicles.

New phone app uses AI to diagnose ear infections accurately

The tool could help decrease unnecessary antibiotic use in young children.

Caltech researchers create bionic jellyfish to explore deep sea

Robotic jellyfish explore the oceans on our behalf, reporting back what they find.

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