Sunday, September 25, 2022


A technology for quantum cryptography commercialization

World’s second successful demonstration of Scalable TF QKD network structure.

A quantum computer that can perform arbitrary calculations with qudits

Quan­tum com­puter works with more than zero and one.

First electric nanomotor made from DNA material

Synthetic rotary motors at the nanoscale perform mechanical work.

Scientists found the missing photonic link to enable an all-silicon quantum internet

An important milestone that unlocks immediate opportunities to construct massively scalable quantum computers.

A new way to synthesize large numbers of macrocyclic compounds

Chemistry boosts drug libraries.

Engineers design surfaces that make water boil more efficiently

Systems used in many industries could save energy through these new surface treatments.

New AI can think like a human baby

The neural network could be a step toward programs for studying how human infants learn.

A “family” of robust, superconducting graphene structures found

The findings could inform the design of practical superconducting devices.

New durable material for flexible artificial muscle

Discovery also paves way for robots and wearable devices that mimic natural motion.

Robots that resemble humans could be thought to have mental states

Some people perceive robots that display emotions as intentional agents, a study finds.

A comfortable, form-fitting fabric that recognizes its wearer’s activities

Smart textiles sense how their users are moving.

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