Milestone: Quantum simulation with circular Rydberg qubits

The significance of circular Rydberg atoms.

Quantum breakthrough: World’s purest silicon pave towards powerful quantum computers

New super-pure silicon chip opens path to powerful quantum computers.

Josephson harmonics describe quantum bits more precisely

Josephson tunnel junctions are more complex than previously thought.

Classical computers can keep up with and surpass their quantum counterparts

Boosting speed and accuracy of traditional computing.

Breakthrough in quantum materials research

The advance will allow researchers to transform everyday materials into conductors.

Scientists created the first programmable, logical quantum processor

Key step toward reliable, game-changing quantum computing.

A significant milestone toward quantum computing

Breakthrough realized for retaining quantum information in a single-electron quantum bit.

A new qubit circuit enables the accuracy of quantum computing

The advance brings quantum error correction a step closer to reality.

New method to shorten escape times in emergency situations

New research demonstrates enhanced vehicle evacuation routing with hybrid quantum computing during a disaster.

Scientists used machine learning to perform quantum error correction

Minimizing the device overhead while maintaining good error correcting performance.

A new protocol to extend the life of quantum coherence by 20x

Canceling noise to improve quantum devices.

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