Quantum Computing

A significant milestone toward quantum computing

Breakthrough realized for retaining quantum information in a single-electron quantum bit.

A new qubit circuit enables the accuracy of quantum computing

The advance brings quantum error correction a step closer to reality.

New method to shorten escape times in emergency situations

New research demonstrates enhanced vehicle evacuation routing with hybrid quantum computing during a disaster.

Scientists used machine learning to perform quantum error correction

Minimizing the device overhead while maintaining good error correcting performance.

A new protocol to extend the life of quantum coherence by 20x

Canceling noise to improve quantum devices.

Algorithmic innovation enables sustainable technology from atoms to materials

New materials are required for a net-zero and sustainable future.

UCC research innovations could have an impact on the development of quantum computing

A crucial property of the new superconductor material.

A quantum computing leap with a magnetic twist

The team’s discoveries mark a first and promising step in constructing a type of fault-tolerant qubit.

A new quantum theory explains the “light-induced phase” of matter

The new theory has the potential to revolutionize the field of quantum photonics.

Storing quantum information as sound waves

A new method for efficiently translating electrical quantum states into sound.

Adjusting the qubits in real time to minimize error

Noise-cancelling qubits can minimize errors in quantum computers.

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