Non-toxic quantum dots for new high-performance image sensors

A new method for synthesizing functional high-quality non-toxic colloidal quantum dots.

Quantum batteries: New battery tech that breaks causality

A new way to charge batteries harnesses the power of “indefinite causal order”.

A new quantum device generates single photons and encodes information

Approach is a step toward using single photons in quantum communication and information processing.

New ways for exotic quasiparticles to “relax”

A perovskite-based device that combines aspects of electronics and photonics.

Physicists discovered a new quantum state in trimer-honeycomb material

The transformation allows for a billion percent increase in the material’s conductivity.

New microlaser chip surpasses the security and robustness of quantum communications

Microlaser chip adds new dimensions to quantum communication.

Scientists successfully controlled individual light quanta at very high speed

Nanoscale soundwave controls photons on a chip – milestone on the way towards hybrid quantum technologies.

A new quantum phase discovered for developing hybrid materials

The structural phase transition is driven by an acoustic soft mode.

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