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Scientists grow bile duct organoids to repair damaged human livers

Lab-grown ‘mini-bile ducts’ used to repair human livers in regenerative medicine first.

New coating for hydrogen fuel

A solution with a first-of-its-kind coating.

New technique to modify naturally occurring biological polymers

Using lasers and molecular tethers to create perfectly patterned platforms for tissue engineering.

Coal powder can be converted into higher-value nano-graphite

A relatively inexpensive coal-conversion technology.

Scientists realized quantum anomalous Hall (QAH) effect in a multilayered insulator

Quantum insulators create multilane highways for electrons.

A game-changing perovskite material can detect gamma rays

“Game changer” perovskite can detect gamma rays.

A reusable heated face mask to filter and inactivate coronaviruses

A heated face mask to filter and inactivate coronaviruses.

First synthetic membrane to separate crude oil and crude oil fractions

New membrane could cut emissions and energy use in oil refining.

Researchers develop novel COVID-19 swabs to address global and local shortage

More than 40 million of the new NUS-designed, clinically-tested nasopharyngeal swabs are being produced in Singapore.