Thursday, August 11, 2022


Study revealed the environmental impact of processed foods

More nutritious foods are often more sustainable.

A transparent protective coating material that can be self-healed

Can scratches on car surfaces disappear when exposed to sunlight?

Researchers harnessed the light-guiding properties of spider silk

Turning spider silk into an optical fiber.

Caltech scientists developed a switch using optical components

New optical switch could lead to ultrafast all-optical signal processing.

New stamp-sized ultrasound stickers that can see inside the body

New stamp-sized ultrasound adhesives produce clear images of the heart, lungs, and other internal organs.

A new way to synthesize large numbers of macrocyclic compounds

Chemistry boosts drug libraries.

Engineers design surfaces that make water boil more efficiently

Systems used in many industries could save energy through these new surface treatments.

A “family” of robust, superconducting graphene structures found

The findings could inform the design of practical superconducting devices.

New durable material for flexible artificial muscle

Discovery also paves way for robots and wearable devices that mimic natural motion.

Newly developed ultrathin heteroprotein film could be a better alternative to isolated protein films

They are soft and thin and have the advantage of being more flexible than the other films.

A tool for developing efficient cooling channels for pressure die casting

This can help improve the tool service life and quality of cast parts.

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