Thursday, May 26, 2022


Scientists successfully created next-generation wonder material for 1st time

Long-hypothesized ‘next-generation wonder material’ created for the first time.

Converting CO2 to formic acid

Lights, Catalyst, Reaction!

NeuroMechFly: EPFL scientists have developed a digital model of the fruit fly

The twin is a big step towards reverse-engineering the neuromechanical control of animal behavior.

A light and easy-to-attach hand exoskeleton for stroke victims

Exoskeleton device helps stroke victims regain hand function.

Creating quantum materials in an easy way

This work could potentially create quantum devices such as orbital magnets and superconductors in the future.

New microfluidic chip for diagnosing diseases at home

The innovation opens the door for faster and more affordable at-home medical testing.

A way to overcome the scaling up problems of perovskites

A solution to perovskite solar cell scalability problems.

New tandem solar cell delivers a certified efficiency of 29.2%

This achievement was made possible by combining a perovskite solar cell with a textured silicon solar cell.

A family of eco-friendly, frost-resistant, and ice-phobic coatings

A longer-lasting alternative to conventional deicers.

Scientists successfully visualized crystal nucleation

Paving the way for the design of safer and more stable active substances.

Generating electricity from Methane

Generating power while purifying the environment of greenhouse gases should be achievable using bacteria.

A new experimental tool reveals how immune cells find their targets

A simple way to identify B or T cells that interact with viral or bacterial proteins.

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