Researchers identify a method to double computer processing speeds

It doubles the processing power using the existing hardware already in these devices.

New ‘unhackable’ chip enables AI computing at speed of light

The chip can accelerate the processing speed of computers and reduce their energy consumption.

Revolutionizing Web Caching: A simple method to speed cache sifting

The algorithm holds the potential to transform the management of web traffic on a large scale.

A new type of random number generator for encryption

The new technology paves the way for a new type of quantum communication.

High-performance memory devices inspired by the human brain

A proton-driven approach that enables multiple ferroelectric phase transitions.

Untangling the problem of animating tightly curled hair

Animating tightly curled hair is a difficult task.

Algorithmic decision-making: The future of decision making

Equity in algorithmic decision-making.

A new way to look at data privacy

A privacy technique that protects sensitive data while maintaining a machine-learning model’s performance.

A scalable ferroelectric transistor for storage and computing

A new FE-FET design that demonstrates record-breaking performances in both computing and memory.

Evaluating cybersecurity methods

The system analyzes the likelihood that an attacker could thwart a certain security scheme.

How secure are voice authentication systems?

Attackers can break voice authentication with up to 99 per cent success within six tries.

New computer memory could greatly improve performance and reduce energy use

It could both greatly reduce the energy demands of internet and communications technologies.

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