AI & Machine Learning

New AI can map giant icebergs 10,000 times faster than humans

This breakthrough will allow for more rapid and accurate analyses of satellite imagery.

Machine learning can enhance nuclear reactor security and efficiency

Advances in machine learning for nuclear power operations spell a brighter future for carbon-free energy.

A new simulation method predicts powder mixing using AI

New simulation method that accurately predicts powder mixing using AI.

DeepMB: Advancing high-resolution optoacoustic imaging for clinical use

A deep learning framework for high-quality optoacoustic imaging in real-time.

Computer vision reveals the working of lithium-ion batteries in detail

‘Computer vision’ reveals unprecedented physical and chemical details of how a lithium-ion battery works.

High-speed AI drone beats world champions in drone racing

Researchers set a new milestone with the first autonomous system capable of beating human champions.

AI to predict brain cancer outcomes

An algorithm that could help physicians better understand and target complicated brain tumors.

Combining deep learning and physics to fix motion-corrupted MRI scans

The challenge involves more than just a blurry JPEG.

AI can tell your true biological age

How old are you, really?

Incorporating human error into machine learning

How sure is sure?

AI sees through the darkness like daylight

Heat-assisted detection and ranging: A new way to see in the dark.

Merging human brain cells with AI to transform machine learning

Transforming machine learning.

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