Machine learning enhances vertical-axis wind turbine performance

They used a genetic learning algorithm to determine the best pitch for a VAWT blade.

Butterfly-inspired AI technology for multi-sensory decision making

The platform is both more advanced and uses less energy than other AI technologies.

One-step AI image generator generates high-quality images 30 times faster

Simplifying the image-generating process to a single step while maintaining or enhancing image quality.

Scientists created a taxonomy for AI privacy risks

The researchers identified 12 privacy risks.

Enabling AI models to see the world more like humans do

Researchers enhance peripheral vision in AI models.

New phone app uses AI to diagnose ear infections accurately

The tool could help decrease unnecessary antibiotic use in young children.

AI-powered phone app detects depression from facial expression

MoodCapture app opens the door to real-time digital mental health support.

Adaptive smart gloves can teach users new skills

The glove can help train surgeons and pilots.

New technology lets users see around obstacles

The technique to reveal what lies on the other side of the wall.

Using AI to develop eco-friendly materials for carbon capture

Metal-organic framework (MOF) materials can be used in many different applications.

New machine-learning technique promises 40% speed boost in real-world datasets

It predicts the future to optimize how information gets stored.

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