Sunday, May 28, 2023

AI & Machine Learning

Using AI, scientists identified a new antibiotic combatting drug-resistant infections

The machine-learning algorithm identified a compound that kills Acinetobacter baumannii.

ChatGPT won’t be getting its medical specialty certification anytime soon

Researchers asked the AI to take 2021 and 2022 multiple-choice tests.

The new AI model aims to fill critical gaps in cybersecurity readiness

Scientists link resources to improve prioritization, spot attacks more quickly.

When A.I. discloses personal information, users may empathize more

In a new study, participants showed more empathy for an online anthropomorphic artificial intelligence (A.I.) agent when it seemed to disclose personal information about...

New material could enable more efficient magnet-based computer memory

Metallic compounds reduce computing's carbon footprint, speed processing, & enable AI training.

Raw data demonstrates brain-like signals in learning and listening

Language Experience Shapes Speech Encoding in Convolutional Layers & the Brainstem.

AI takes over microbial experiments: accelerating research progress

Mapping Microbial Metabolism with BacterAI: No Prior Knowledge Required.

Artificial intelligence programs consume a large amount of water

Cloud data processing centers face high water costs due to power and cooling.

AI-based tools aid in measuring patient’s attitudes toward cholesterol medications

A new approach to understanding patient attitudes toward cholesterol drugs.

The Role of Circumstances and Personality in Determining Happiness

The Interplay of Behaviors, Circumstances, & Psychological Traits in Pursuing a Good Life.

Astronomers developed an AI to communicate their stellar research better

Distilling technical astronomy terminology into simple, understandable English.

Solar cells for IoT devices with AI-powered energy management

Environmentally-friendly, high-efficiency photovoltaic cells.

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