Friday, June 9, 2023


Air pollution could worsen if nuclear power is shut down

Polluting energy sources that fill the gap could cause more than 5,000 premature deaths.

Underground Water Could be the Solution to Green Heating and Cooling

Seasonal energy storage improves climate change flexibility.

Global emissions of several banned ozone-destroying chemicals are increasing

Increased ozone-depleting chemicals due to Montreal Protocol loophole.

Moths are more efficient pollinators than bees, the study

Moths are particularly vital pollinators for nature.

Global experts propose a path to generate clean power from waste energy

Roadmap on Energy Harvesting Materials.

Optical fiber communication cables can warn against earthquakes

Optical Fibers Can Provide Early Warning for Earthquakes.

Concrete could turn into an effective carbon sink using new additives

New carbonation pathways for creating more environmentally friendly concrete.

Surprising: Methane cools even as it heats

Impacts of potent greenhouse gas: a bit lower than previously thought.

Wastewater disposal from oil production caused the most powerful earthquake in Canada

Wastewater injection caused a magnitude 5.6 earthquake in Alberta.

Intense heatwaves happen at the bottom of the ocean

First assessment of bottom marine heat waves opens a window on the deep.

Plasticosis: Scientists found a new disease in birds caused by consuming plastic

While these birds can look healthy on the outside, they're not doing well on the inside.

Extracting rare elements and minerals from wastewater for renewable energy

Study describes ways in which environmental biotechnologies will help society achieves sustainability goals.

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