Friday, June 9, 2023


Cigarette butts leak deadly toxins into the environment

On the beach or cityscape, cigarette butts can be seen everywhere. An estimated 4.5 trillion filter-only cigarettes are smoked and butted annually. More than...

“Golden” fossils reveal origins of exceptional preservation

All that glitters is not gold, even in the case of fossils.

The science behind the earth’s salt flats’ life and times

Research identifies hydrologic processes of green revolution ecosystems.

Artificial intelligence programs consume a large amount of water

Cloud data processing centers face high water costs due to power and cooling.

Microbes can be used to extract valuable minerals from mining waste

Researchers developed new mining technique to recover metals & store carbon.

Study reveals secrets to Southern Ocean’s critical role in slowing climate change revealed

Insights on one of the most important factors in the Southern Oceanic carbon cycle.

Artificial Intelligence can be used to create a tsunami early warning system

Early warnings for tsunamis are difficult due to underwater earthquakes.

These countries are at more risk of harm by record-breaking heatwaves

Extreme heat is more dangerous in developing countries.

The study revealed a mysterious underwater acoustic world of British ponds

The audio files revealed clear daily acoustic activity cycles in each pond.

Early-nesting ducks are in danger due to climate change and land use

Nesting timing affects demographic processes in cropland.

Scientists use a centralized database to understand coral reefs

RECIFS helps understand the vulnerability of coral reefs to climate change.

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