Scientists uncovered a previously unknown mechanism for protein degradation in cells

The mechanism degrades short-lived proteins that support brain and immune functions.

The complete sequences of multiple human Y chromosomes

Unveiling the entire sequence of a human Y chromosome.

Naked mole rat’s longevity gene increases mice’s lifespan

Naked mole-rat Has2 boosts healthspan by elevating hyaluronan in mice.

New antibiotic targets drug-resistant bacteria

New antibiotic targets immutable bacterial structure.

Potential endometrial cancer treatments from estrogen receptor study

Endometrial cancer & gene regulation: insights from Estrogen receptor alpha mutations.

Extremely rare sea spider fossils are closely related to living species

The modern sea spider had started to diversify by the Jurassic.

Linking lipid metabolism changes to the stress response

Lipid homeostasis and optimal ER stress response.

Scientists recreated and compared molecular languages at the origin of life

Two molecular languages at the origin of life have been successfully recreated and mathematically validated.

Scientists identified genes linked to the high production of crucial antibody

A step toward new antibody-based treatments and improvements in the effectiveness of cell therapies.

Protein safeguards for fertility preservation

Tejas: Key player in nuage assembly and precursor processing for drosophila piRNA biogenesis.

Scientists uncover 135 novel genes controlling skin pigmentation

Revealing the factors behind human pigmentation: Genome-wide genetic search.

Making molecules dance to our tune

A new era in understanding the reactions of protein molecules fundamental for life.

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