Saturday, November 26, 2022

Solar system

Study of polluted white dwarfs reveals that stars and planets grow together

Early-formation picture is likely to be correct.

30039 near-Earth asteroids discovered in the solar system

The majority of these were discovered in the last decade.

NASA’S Webb captured the clearest view of Neptune’s rings in decades

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope shows off its capabilities closer to home with its first image of Neptune.

Strange diamonds formed after the dwarf planet collided with a large asteroid

Mysterious diamonds came from outer space.

Why does the inside of the solar system not spin faster?

An old mystery has a possible new solution.

Discovery of 30 exocomets in a young planetary system

First-ever system detected outside our Solar System.

Pluto’s orbit is rather surprisingly, highly chaotic

These results could have implications for future studies of the outer Solar System and its orbital dynamics.

Confirmed: Meteorite that hit Earth in 2014 was interstellar

It may have left interstellar debris on the seafloor.

Neptune’s atmosphere has unexpectedly fluctuated over the past two decades

Neptune is cooler than we thought.

Study offers new insights into the brown dwarf formation

New study detected a special methane compound outside the solar system for the first time.

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