Milky way

A giant and extremely faint stream of stars spotted between galaxies

This line is ten times as long as our Milky Way.

1st detection of a rotating disc around a massive star outside the Milky Way

This is the most distant disc around a massive star ever to be directly detected.

Disc Around Young Star in Large Magellanic Cloud Discovered

In a remarkable discovery, astronomers have found a disc around a young star in the Large Magellanic Cloud, a galaxy neighbouring ours. It’s the...

The second highest-energy cosmic ray ever detected

The particles are so high energy, they shouldn’t be affected by galactic and extra-galactic magnetic fields.

Webb reveals new features in the heart of the Milky Way

The play of darkness and light in our galaxy’s crowded core is put on display like never before.

Webb discovered the second-most distant galaxy

Follow-up observations in Pandora’s cluster confirmed the second- and fourth-most distant galaxies ever seen.

A galaxy like the Milky Way found in the early universe

The discovery is expected to change at least two aspects of astronomy.

Black hole mass measured from its motion

A truly astounding mass concentration!

Bursts of star formation explain mysterious brightness at cosmic dawn

Intense flashes of light, not mass, resolve the puzzle of impossible brightness.

Astronomers find an explanation for Milky Way’s warp

The results bolster hypothesis of how galaxy evolved.

Webb sees stunning vortex in space

A FEAST for the eyes.

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