Friday, December 2, 2022

Milky way

NASA scientists create black hole jets with supercomputer

New simulations show how weaker, low-luminosity jets produced by a black hole interact with galactic environment.

Milky Way’s mysterious filaments have ‘older, distant cousins’

New family portrait uncovers insights into the structures’ unknown origins.

Largest gas cloud discovered is 20 times bigger than the Milky Way

Largest atomic gas structure around a galaxy group.

Astronomers discovered closest black hole to Earth

Gemini North telescope on Hawai‘i reveals first dormant, stellar-mass black hole in our cosmic backyard.

Exploring the plasma loading mechanism of radio jets launched from black holes

A promising scenario that clarifies plasma loading mechanism into radio jets.

Hubble detects a protective shield defending a pair of dwarf galaxies

For billions of years, the Milky Way’s largest satellite galaxies have followed a perilous journey.

Hubble captured a big, beautiful spiral galaxy

A twin to our galaxy.

Hot gas bubble detected swirling around galaxy’s central black hole

Astronomers detect hot gas bubble swirling around the Milky Way’s supermassive black hole

Milky Way is somewhat normal but not completely normal

This result is important for understanding to what extent we can apply what we know about the local environment.

Gravitational interactions drive Milky Way’s galactic bar bulges

Is over-eating to blame for bulges in milky way bar?

Through gamma rays, scientists detected a small satellite galaxy filled with dark matter

The millisecond pulsars as efficient accelerators of highly-energetic electrons and positrons.

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