Study probes how interplanetary space affects the asteroid Ryugu

Samples reveal evidence of changes experienced by the surface of asteroid Ryugu.

Astronomers discover 1031 Uncatalogued Asteroids

The team used the help of "citizen scientists" worldwide, who contributed to identifying this asteroid bounty. Professional scientists then combined the volunteers’ efforts with...

NASA captures first detailed images of a slowly spinning asteroid

NASA's planetary radar gathered the first images of the stadium-size asteroid.

Water molecule found on Asteroid for the first time

A feature that is unambiguously attributed to molecular water.

Organic compounds in asteroids formed in cold areas of space

The findings open new possibilities for studying life beyond Earth.

Understanding terrestrial weathering effects on meteorites with Ryugu samples

The Ryugu samples avoided terrestrial alteration.

The small main belt asteroid Dinkinesh is actually a binary pair

Dinkinesh really did live up to its name; this is marvelous.

A near-Earth asteroid is a piece of the moon

Some lucky lunar fragments could actually find their way to Earth-like orbits.

OSIRIS-REx: NASA showed off the asteroid material for the first time

The OSIRIS-REx sample is the biggest carbon-rich asteroid sample ever delivered to Earth.

Large mounds on Kuiper belt object Arrokoth may have a common origin

These “building blocks” could guide further work on planetesimal formational models.

Solar shield tied to asteroid proposed as climate change solution

Tethered sun shield could allow cool the Earth.

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