Friday, June 2, 2023


NASA’S Webb captured the clearest view of Neptune’s rings in decades

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope shows off its capabilities closer to home with its first image of Neptune.

Saturn’s rings and tilt could be the product of an ancient, missing moon

A “grazing encounter” may have smashed the moon to bits to form Saturn’s rings, a new study suggests.

Diamond rain on ice giant planets could be more common than previously thought

Revealing a new path to make nanodiamonds here on Earth.

Researchers explain why Uranus and Neptune are different colors

Astronomers may now know why Uranus and Neptune are different colors. Using observations from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, as well as the Gemini...

Pluto’s orbit is rather surprisingly, highly chaotic

These results could have implications for future studies of the outer Solar System and its orbital dynamics.

Surprising changes in Neptune’s temperatures captured

An international team of astronomers have used ground-based telescopes, including the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope (ESO's VLT), to track Neptune's atmospheric temperatures...

Study offers detailed insights into the chemistry of deep water layers on Neptune and Uranus

The findings provide clues to the composition of oceans on water-rich exoplanets outside our solar system.

The unsolved mystery of Uranus and Neptune

Two strange planets.

Proton rivers made of superionic phases may be flowing through Earth’s deep mantle

The deep regions may have rivers made of protons, which flow through the solids.

A mysterious dark vortex is seen on Neptune

Dark Storm on Neptune reverses direction, possibly shedding a fragmens.

A young sub-Neptune-sized planet offers clues on planet formation and evolution

The planet is dense for its size and age.

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