Wednesday, July 6, 2022


No signs of life were detected on Venus

If life is present, it must be affecting the atmospheric chemistry.

Rare phenomenon: Four planets will line up in the sky this month

A rare phenomenon that attracts space enthusiasts who are keen to witness various celestial events.

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe has taken its first visible-light images of Venus surface

The images, combined into a video, reveal a faint glow from the surface.

High-speed impacts could help explain why Earth is habitable while Venus is not

High-speed impacts may have shaped Venus' history.

Software for aerobots to explore Venus

Engineers to create software for aerobots to explore Venus.

Venus never had oceans, suggests a new study

The team investigated the past of Venus to find out whether Earth’s twin once had oceans.

Photosynthesis in Venus’ clouds could support life

The possible suitability of Venus’ clouds for microbial life, and constraints that may prohibit life.

Solar Orbiter captured unique imagery of Venus

Take the experience of sights and sounds of Venus flyby.

New ESO observations show rocky exoplanet has just half the mass of Venus

A team of astronomers have used the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope (ESO’s VLT) in Chile to shed new light on planets around...

Venus night weather revealed

The weather forecast for Venus.

Phosphine on Venus points to volcanic activity on Venus

It’s telling us about the geology of Venus.

Life could exist in Jupiter’s clouds, study

But this isn’t possible in Venus’ clouds.

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