How did Venus become so dry?

Venus has almost no water. A new study may reveal why.

Looking for life beyond Earth? Venus as a potential habitat

Earth-like but incapable of hosting life.

Venus’s atmosphere emits Oxygen and Carbon

Surprising insights into how gases are stripped away from the upper layers of the planet’s atmosphere.

Life’s building blocks are surprisingly stable in Venus-like conditions

Results suggest the clouds of Venus could be hospitable for some forms of life.

Venus had plate tectonics like Earth billions of years ago

A finding that opens the door for the possibility of early life on the planet and insights into its history.

No, you probably wouldn’t see bolts of lightning flashing from Venus’ clouds

Venus may be a (slightly) gentler place than some scientists give it credit for.

The study discovered the secret to Venus’s youthful appearance

What keeps Venus looking so young?

Direct evidence of active volcanism on Venus

NASA’s Magellan data reveal volcanic activity on Venus.

Venus’s squishy surface shows signs of geothermal activity

Venus may be losing heat from geologic activity in regions called coronae.

Massive volcanism may have transformed ancient Venus’ climate

Massive volcanism may have altered ancient Venus’ climate.

No signs of life were detected on Venus

If life is present, it must be affecting the atmospheric chemistry.

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