Mars’s liquid iron core is smaller and denser than previously thought

Mystery of the Martian core solved.

Most of the Mars craters today could have once been habitable rivers

Curiosity rover finds new evidence of ancient Mars rivers: a key signal for life.

Concentrated biosignatures in a prehistoric Martian mud lake

A landmark discovery!

Curiosity found preserved, ancient mud cracks on Mars

Curiosity views mud cracks in the clay-sulfate transition region.

Strange: Mars is spinning faster

Data sent by the spacecraft provided new details about how fast the planet rotates.

For the first time, a solar eruption detected simultaneously on Earth, the Moon, and Mars

Emphasizing the need to prepare human exploration missions for the dangers of space radiation.

The study discovered the secret to Venus’s youthful appearance

What keeps Venus looking so young?

Measuring and mapping the abundance of chromium across Mercury’s surface

This is the first time that chromium has been directly detected and mapped across any planetary surface.

Extremely weak magnetic fields detected on the surface of Mars’ Utopia basin

This indicates no detectable magnetization anomalies below Zhurong's landing site.

NASA’s MAVEN Spacecraft acquired stunning views of Mars

The images were taken at different points.

The global thickness and density of the Martian crust revealed

Martian crust like heavy armour.

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