Wednesday, February 1, 2023


NASA retires InSight Mars lander mission

NASA's Mars InSight lander falls silent.

Scientists get a first-ever sound recording of dust devils on Mars

The first-ever audio recording of an extraterrestrial whirlwind.

NASA’s Perseverance rover snagged two new samples from the Martian surface

NASA's Perseverance Rover gets the dirt on Mars.

Giant mantle plume suggests Mars is more active than previously believed

The presence of an enormous mantle plume pushes the surface of Mars upward.

Mars churns up surprisingly Earth-like cloud patterns

A new study dives deeper into two dust storms.

New evidence for an ancient northern ocean on Mars

The planet once experienced a sea-level rise.

Stunning meteoroid impact detected on Mars

The meteoroid excavated boulder-size chunks of ice buried closer to the Martian equator.

Ancient bacteria could survive beneath Mars’ surface

New study finds the chances of uncovering life on Mars are better than previously expected.

30039 near-Earth asteroids discovered in the solar system

The majority of these were discovered in the last decade.

ISRO loses contact with Mangalyan

The mission will be ever-regarded as remarkable.

Mars was born wet, with a dense atmosphere

New clues about Mars’ early atmosphere suggest a wet planet capable of supporting life.

NASA’s InSight lander heard the first meteoroid impacts on Mars

The Mars lander’s seismometer has picked up vibrations from four separate impacts in the past two years.

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