Mars ancient water: NASA’s Curiosity searches for new clues

NASA’s Curiosity reaches Mar's Gediz Vallis.

Distant secondary craters: The largest new crater to have formed on Mars

This crater created its own field of "secondary" craters.

Giant volcano discovered on Mar’s equator

Its discovery points to an exciting new place to search for life.

Unveiling Earth-Mars orbit connection: Deep-sea circulation and climate patterns

Giant whirlpools in warming oceans could mitigate Gulf Stream stagnation.

Atmospheric pressure fluctuations could be driving Mars’ elusive methane pulses

Simulations will help Curiosity search for signs of past or present life on the Red Planet.

Layers of water ice stretching below grounds at Mars’s equator

Buried water ice at Mars's equator?

High-frequency waves detected in the Martian upper atmosphere

It could help understand plasma processes over Mars.

The disappearing solar wind on Mars

The dramatic and unexpected “disappearance”.

Most of the Mars craters today could have once been habitable rivers

Curiosity rover finds new evidence of ancient Mars rivers: a key signal for life.

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