Webb identified methane and water vapor in exoplanets’ atmosphere

Scientists can now start to perform an “apples-to-apples” comparison.

Saturn’s rings will disappear in 2025

Saturn at equinox!

Exploring the origins of Saturn’s rings and icy Moons

Saturn’s rings could have evolved from the debris of two progenitor icy moons.

The subsurface ocean of Saturn’s moon- Enceladus, contains a key building block for life

Key building block for life found at Saturn's moon Enceladus.

Webb maps surprisingly large plume jetting from Saturn’s moon Enceladus

A water vapour plume from Saturn’s moon Enceladus spanning more than 9600 kilometres — long enough to stretch across the Eurasian continent from Ireland...

First observation: Scientists discovered a cyclone on the north pole of Uranus

It’s a much more dynamic world than you might think.

Saturn’s rings are remarkably young, study

How old are Saturn’s rings?

Saturn adds 62 new moons to its list: Totalling 145 moons

Saturn re-takes the moon crown.

Study explains the mystery of ‘smooth terrains’ on icy moons circling Jupiter and Saturn

Icy moonquakes: Surface shaking could trigger landslides.

NASA instruments could reveal chemistry leading to life on Titan

This mission designed to help scientists hone in on the chemistry at work on Titan.

New images show the start of a new spoke season at Saturn

We will have longer dedicated time to study Saturn’s spokes this season, say scientists.

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