Chandrayaan-3 Propulsion Module moved from Lunar orbit to Earth’s orbit

Returns to home Earth!

Early Earth’s nitrogen most likely came from meteorites

Icy micrometeorites: Nitrogen transport to earth.

1st detection of a rotating disc around a massive star outside the Milky Way

This is the most distant disc around a massive star ever to be directly detected.

AI automatically detects methane plumes from space

A powerful tool in combating climate change.

Scientists found a distinct, thin layer above Earth’s core

Earth's surface water dives deep, transforming core's outer layer.

NASA’s Deep Space Optical Comm demo achieved the first light

Sending data via laser to and from far beyond the Moon for the first time.

First daily current measurements of changes in the Earth’s rotation

Scientists improve measurement of the earth's rotation.

Saturn’s rings will disappear in 2025

Saturn at equinox!

New study reveals massive anomaly in Earth’s interior from moon-forming collision

Heterogeneity of earth's mantle may be relics of moon formation.

Moon is 40 million years older than scientists thought

After an ocean of magma cooled down, the lunar crystals formed at least 4.46 billion years ago.

The importance of the Earth’s upper atmosphere in developing large geomagnetic storms

This research may help predict the storms that will have the greatest consequences.

Venus had plate tectonics like Earth billions of years ago

A finding that opens the door for the possibility of early life on the planet and insights into its history.

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