Friday, December 2, 2022


NASA scientists create black hole jets with supercomputer

New simulations show how weaker, low-luminosity jets produced by a black hole interact with galactic environment.

Scientists made some key determinations about the first galaxies to exist

Non-detection of key signal allows astronomers to determine what the first galaxies were- and weren’t– like.

Astrophysicists looking for the second-closest supermassive black hole

Verifying the existence of the supermassive black hole.

Astronomers observe intra-group light between galaxies

The brightest parts of the intra-group light are ~50 times fainter than the darkest night sky on Earth.

Milky Way’s mysterious filaments have ‘older, distant cousins’

New family portrait uncovers insights into the structures’ unknown origins.

A new map of the universe displays the entire known cosmos

The map allows you to scroll through the universe.

Death of a star reveals midsize black hole lurking in a dwarf galaxy

Improving their understanding of the growth of supermassive black holes in massive galaxies.

Largest gas cloud discovered is 20 times bigger than the Milky Way

Largest atomic gas structure around a galaxy group.

Astronomers discovered closest black hole to Earth

Gemini North telescope on Hawai‘i reveals first dormant, stellar-mass black hole in our cosmic backyard.

IceCube neutrinos offer first glimpse into the inner depths of an active galaxy

They are the next big step toward the realization of neutrino astronomy.

NASA’s Webb captures a miraculous image of merging galaxies

Webb explores a pair of merging galaxies.

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