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In a one-dimensional periodic potential, represented here by a Toblerone bar, there is no flow of electrons (represented by Gummy bears) when two of them occupy a hollow space. The research made it possible to observe similar behaviour with ultra-cold lithium-6 atoms. (ETH Zurich)

When superconductivity disappears in a quantum tube

A material is a metal or an insulator relies upon a progression of microscopic details, for example, the quality of the connections between electrons;...
Javier Vela and the chemists in his research group have been working to produce semiconductors from materials that are safe, abundant and inexpensive to manufacture. Larger photo. Photo by Christopher Gannon and courtesy of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Chemists use abundant, low-cost and non-toxic elements to create semiconductors

Semiconductors are everywhere. They’re on our computers and our cell phones. They’re usually in high-end, high-value products. While semiconductors may not contain rare materials,...