Unexpected ties: Sleep, brain insulation, and neurodegeneration

BMAL1 loss in oligodendroglia impacts myelination and sleep.

People with autism are less likely to succumb to the bystander effect

The study points to the benefits of having neurodivergent people in the workplace.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation shows promising results for post-stroke ataxia

Case represents first use of bilateral TMS to treat post-stroke cerebellar ataxia.

Turning brain immune cells into neurons

New research offers a tantalizing avenue for treating stroke by reprogramming microglia.

How does the brain encode lottery values?

New study reveals role of frontal and parietal cortex in economic decisions under risk in rats.

Mystery of infant consciousness: Study sheds fresh light on it

The study could have important clinical, ethical and potentially legal implications.

Living brain cell networks bioprinted in the lab

Scientists mimicked the arrangement of grey matter and white matter seen in the brain.

Boosting cognitive arousal and performance with everyday pleasure

Using wearable devices to control how your brain thinks by listening, tasting, and smelling.

Mathematical model revealed how the human brain processes visual information

Evolution wired human brains to act like supercomputers.

Predictable stories make our memories unreliable, study

People tend to extend the bounds of complex unfolding events by recalling inferred details about their endings.

Age-related blood cell mutations protect against Alzheimer’s disease

Stem-ing the tide of Alzheimer’s.

Scientists discovered a new cause of Alzheimer’s, vascular dementia

Study highlights microglia degeneration in brain caused by iron toxicity.

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