Sunday, May 22, 2022


The molecular machinery that delivers metabolites to mitochondria

A blueprint for treating neurological disorders?

An unusual quantum state of matter observed for the first time

It’s not every day that someone comes across a new state of matter in quantum physics.

4-billion-year-old crystals offer clues to when plate tectonics began

The study offers hints about how the planet became habitable.

A breakthrough in frequency up-conversion of single photons

A step forward in modern quantum technology.

Giant groundwater system discovered in sediments below Antarctic ice

Previously unmapped reservoirs could speed glaciers, and release carbon.

A novel platform for ‘Second Quantum Revolution’

The polariton is a quasiparticle formed by the strong coupling to a matter excitation. It is a crucial ingredient of emergent photonic quantum systems...

Discovering a mysterious Estrogen’s important role in pregnancy

Scientists identified, for the first time, the function of one of the most abundant hormones in pregnancy.

Neurons don’t necessarily end where they begin

Scientists tracked the cellular migration of developing fetal brains.

Marine bacterias use similar behaviors for hunting and selecting their food

A tiny stroke for each microbe, a giant impact on the ocean.

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