Wednesday, February 1, 2023


New nanoscale 3D printing material could offer a better structural protection

The material offers better structural protection for satellites, drones, and microelectronics.

High-power electrostatic actuators to realize artificial muscles

Generating a strong force at a low driving voltage.

An innovative surgical needle offers enhanced precision

The needle offers greater precision in the surgeon’s movements and reduces the risk for patients.

Developing the next-generation semiconductor LC2

It is the world’s first synthesis technology that can make a single crystal hBN thin film at a preferred thickness.

A new kind of printable, wearable insect repellent

It is absolutely possible to develop a wearable insect repellent.

ISRO develops microprocessor-controlled, intelligent artificial limb

Microprocessor-controlled knees.

New miniature antenna can operate wirelessly inside of a living cell

An intracellular antenna that's compatible with 3D biological systems and can operate wirelessly inside a living cell.

Activated carbon could also eliminate the smell of urine from diapers

Activated carbon is used in the kitchen hood to remove food.

New microscope allows scientists to see through the skull and image the brain

The new label-free deep-tissue imaging with the wave correction algorithm.

New painless tattoos can be self-administered

This could be a way not only to make medical tattoos more accessible.

Automating microscope control for imaging biological events

Intelligent microscopes for detecting rare biological events.

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