Tuesday, July 5, 2022


Scientists successfully visualized crystal nucleation

Paving the way for the design of safer and more stable active substances.

Generating electricity from Methane

Generating power while purifying the environment of greenhouse gases should be achievable using bacteria.

A new experimental tool reveals how immune cells find their targets

A simple way to identify B or T cells that interact with viral or bacterial proteins.

A low-temperature method to maintain the structure of gold and silver in alloys

The method that could be used to manufacture has more everyday applications.

Engineering of quantum states in solids using light

A platform to control and measure the properties of materials in various ways with light.

Scientists created a promising alternative to certain piezoelectric materials

It has the same proprieties yet may be 100 times more effective.

A new computational model guides the development of new MOFs materials

Using neural networks to find the properties of MOFs, for catalysis and other applications.

Scientists significantly improved micro-computed tomography

Advances in micro-computed tomography.

New process to produce ethylene from food waste without greenhouse gas emissions

Great help is expected for domestic chemical companies to achieve carbon neutrality.

A new way to improve the efficiency of scintillators

More sensitive X-ray imaging.

A new catalyst to optimize the oxygen production from water

The material could replace rare metals and lead to more economical production of carbon-neutral fuels.

New 3D-printed, self-healing materials made from jelly and salt

The low-cost jelly-like materials can sense strain, temperature, and humidity.

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