Recyclable ‘water batteries’ that won’t catch fire or explode

New water batteries stay cool under pressure.

New microwave reactor can cool down industry’s energy usage

The system uses microwaves to reduce industrial heat and carbon emissions.

Chameleon-inspired tech 3D prints multiple colors from a single ink

This printing approach is capable of altering structural color during the printing process.

New research converts waste carbon dioxide into carbon-free fuel

Greenhouse gas transformed in aid of carbon-free future.

Limescale-repellent coating to improve thermal power plant efficiency

A hydrogel-based coating that effectively prevents the adhesion of limescale.

Thermal Earring: Smart earrings can monitor a person’s temperature

The earring outperformed a smartwatch.

Scientists discovered a first-of-its-kind 3D crystalline metal

Rice scientists pull off quantum coup.

A coal-based product could replace sand in concrete

Discovery could be part of a solution to the looming ‘sand crisis’.

Scientists discovered ultra-hard material that could rival diamond

The second hardest material after diamond.

New technique for photon detection

The discovery could improve communications, medical imaging, security measures and more.

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