Seaweed gel therapy for blindness caused by retinal detachment

Injectable hydrogel with tamponading function for retinal detachment.

Understanding how cracks propagate in brittle solids

A rare glimpse into three-dimensional crack formation in brittle solids.

Researchers develop eco-friendly hydrogel material for 3D printing in construction

3D printed nanocellulose upscaled for green architectural applications

An innovative hydrogel for wounds: Combining seaweed and carbonated water

A sustainable hydrogel formulation for wound dressing.

New hydrogels for wound management

Gelatin patches can act as effective tissue adhesives that accelerate the healing of wounds.

Smart and advanced materials for future generations of soft medical microrobots

Plant-based materials give life to tiny soft robots that can potentially conduct medical procedures.

Gel mat teaches muscle cells to collaborate

Engineering muscle anisotropy with actuating matrices.

A new fabrication technique for 3D printing objects a thousand times smaller

Scientists reinvented the technique to allow for printing objects a thousand times smaller: 150 nanometers.

MIT engineers develop a Jell-O-like electrode

A new material could replace metals as electrical interfaces for pacemakers, implants, and other electronic implants.

A new salty gel could harvest water from desert air

A new material developed by MIT engineers exhibits “record-breaking” vapor absorption.

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