‘Droplet batteries’ could pave the way for miniature bio-integrated devices

How do electric eels generate electricity?

MIT engineers develop a Jell-O-like electrode

A new material could replace metals as electrical interfaces for pacemakers, implants, and other electronic implants.

A new salty gel could harvest water from desert air

A new material developed by MIT engineers exhibits “record-breaking” vapor absorption.

It’s possible to make carbon dioxide capture filters using 3D printing

This manufacturing process, using 3D printing, makes everything faster and more precise.

A touch-responsive fabric armband for flexible keyboards and sketchpads

Iontronic Touch Panel for Virtual-Real Handwriting Interaction.

An unusually absorbent hydrogel material can absorb moisture even as temperatures climb

An unusually absorbent material that could be used for passive cooling.

A self-charging electrical battery inspired by fish could help power space applications

Developing soft, self-charging, bio-inspired power sources for space applications.

A new technology to assemble matter in 3D

Creating 3D objects with sound.

Loofah-inspired hydrogel uses sunlight to purify contaminated water

It could potentially purify enough water to satisfy someone's daily needs, even when it's cloudy.

New synthetic skin may unlock blood-sucking secrets of mosquitoes

The 3D-printed skin can help scientists study how mosquitoes transmit deadly diseases.

Newly developed super jelly can withstand elephant standing on it

A jelly-like material that can survive being run over by a car.

Deploying bacteria as environmental sensors

Encapsulating modified bacteria in tough hydrogel spheres prevents them from spreading genes to other microbes.

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