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Assistant Professor Tan Swee Ching (left) and his team have invented a novel water-absorbing gel that harnesses humidity for various practical applications.

Novel water-absorbing gel that harnesses air moisture for practical applications

Scientists at the National University of Singapore (NUS) have invented a unique hydrogel that effectively dehumidifies ambient air to improve thermal comfort. The hydrogel harnesses the moisture...
Tests showed that subcutaneous implants, left, of a hydrogel developed at Rice University encouraged blood vessel and cell growth as new tissue replaced the degrading gel. Courtesy of the Hartgerink Research Group

Hydrogels helps heal wounds without additives

As a synthetic scaffold, Rice scientists have developed hydrogels to deliver drugs and encourage the growth of cells and blood vessels for new tissue. For...
3-D Printing a Living Tattoo

3-D Printing a Living Tattoo

Using 3D printing, various scientists have already explored a variety of responsive materials. One of its example includes an ink made from temperature-sensitive polymers to...
Preventing Severe Blood Loss On The Battlefield Or In The Clinic

Preventing Severe Blood Loss On The Battlefield Or In The Clinic

Reginald Avery, a fifth-year graduate student at MIT in the Department of Biological Engineering, developing an injectable material for patching and preventing severe blood loss....