Revolutionizing gravity-free tech: Novel material propels magnetic levitation

Using graphite, scientists have created a floating platform that requires no external power.

Solving mysteries of the universe after measuring gravity in the quantum world

A weak gravitational pull on a tiny particle using a new technique.

Scientists measure gravity in the quantum world

By understanding quantum gravity, we could solve some of the mysteries of our universe

A black hole giving ‘fierce feedback’

Black holes are like temperamental toddlers.

Hubble Telescope detects water vapour in the atmosphere of smallest exoplanet GJ 9827d

Astronomers using the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope have made a groundbreaking discovery in their search for exoplanets. For the first time, they have detected...

Massive neutron stars hiding cores of deconfined quark matter

The result was reached through massive supercomputer runs utilizing Bayesian statistical inference.

A new perspective on the strong magnetic fields of a supermassive black hole

The results describe for the first time how light from the edge of the supermassive black hole M87* spirals.

Smoking-gun evidence for modified gravity at low acceleration

A new study reports conclusive evidence for the breakdown of standard gravity in the low acceleration limit.

A new image of a galaxy cluster revealing distant and dusty objects never seen before

Webb spotlights gravitational arcs in ‘El Gordo’ galaxy cluster.

Passive gravitational mass and active gravitational mass are always equivalent- study

Despite doubts from quantum physicists: Einstein's theory of relativity reaffirmed.

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