Space travel weakens the immune system by altering gene expression

This may explain why astronauts appear more susceptible to infectious diseases while in space.

Hubble discovers a double Quasar in the distant Universe

They existed when the universe was just 3 billion years old.

Scientists reproduced a gravity field- 1,000 times stronger than Earth’s gravity

The study overcomes the effects of Earth’s gravity, replicating conditions on other planets, stars.

Little ‘hurricanes’ can be used to study certain aspects of planet formation

A method to constrain a planet’s mass or age.

Watching water droplets merge on the International Space Station

If we want to analyze drops on Earth, we need to do it at a very small scale.

Study uncovered the massive quantum mysteries of black holes

Uncovering the massive quantum mysteries of black holes.

New puzzling discovery challenges Newton’s laws of gravity

Astronomy: Observation puzzles researchers.

Artificial gravity offers partial protection for biology in space

This study is a step in the right direction to explore the protective effects of artificial gravity in space.

How do astronauts’ muscles and nervous responses respond to reduced gravity?

Researchers conduct a review and share an action plan for astronauts to prevent muscular atrophy during spaceflight.

Scientists remeasured gravitational constant

The new method offers great potential for testing one of the most fundamental laws of nature.

Why does the inside of the solar system not spin faster?

An old mystery has a possible new solution.

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