Webb’s study shows rocky planets form in harsh conditions

These are the first results from the eXtreme UV Environments (XUE) James Webb Space Telescope programme.

A giant and extremely faint stream of stars spotted between galaxies

This line is ten times as long as our Milky Way.

Spider pulsars- 17,700 light-years away- destroying nearby stars

The combined data allowed researchers to better understand how spider pulsars prey on their companion stars.

1st detection of a rotating disc around a massive star outside the Milky Way

This is the most distant disc around a massive star ever to be directly detected.

ESA’s Cheops mission unlocked a rare star system with six exoplanets

The discovery is particularly valuable.

Disc Around Young Star in Large Magellanic Cloud Discovered

In a remarkable discovery, astronomers have found a disc around a young star in the Large Magellanic Cloud, a galaxy neighbouring ours. It’s the...

Study makes it possible to determine the earliest stages of a star’s life

When baby stars fledge.

Comprehending charged particles assists in modeling the formation of elements in stars

The study lays groundwork for calculating how nucleons interact when the particles are electrically charged.

Webb reveals new features in the heart of the Milky Way

The play of darkness and light in our galaxy’s crowded core is put on display like never before.

Astronomy’s new frontier: Triple systems in massive ‘Be stars’ uncovered

The stars move across the night sky, over long periods like 10 years, and short periods of around six months.

Webb discovered disappearing neon around newborn star

Webb follows neon signs toward new thinking on planet formation.

An active stellar corpse shows signs of life after the star’s explosive death

With unprecedented flares, stellar corpse shows signs of life.

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