Friday, March 24, 2023

Climate Change

Wastewater disposal from oil production caused the most powerful earthquake in Canada

Wastewater injection caused a magnitude 5.6 earthquake in Alberta.

Plasticosis: Scientists found a new disease in birds caused by consuming plastic

While these birds can look healthy on the outside, they're not doing well on the inside.

Extracting rare elements and minerals from wastewater for renewable energy

Study describes ways in which environmental biotechnologies will help society achieves sustainability goals.

Mussels and other aquatic animals protect coastal ecosystems

Mollusks help sustain salt marshes in the face of climate change.

Climate change may significantly affect land where coffee is cultivated

Coffee is important to the economies of coffee producing regions. A study published in PLOS Climate by Doug Richardson at CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere,...

Scientists use satellites to monitor the planet’s greening in the face of climate change

The new results allow to be more confident about what those changes will be.

Engineered wood absorbs carbon dioxide and gets stronger

The method could lower both emissions and building construction costs.

A new look at our climate future

Climate: lessons from the latest global warming.

Microbes that co-operate, contribute more carbon emissions

Communities of microbes that work together release more carbon dioxide.

The Neanderthal hunting strategies in France were unaffected by changing climate

Evaluating the climatic impact on Neanderthal hunting techniques and strategies.

Moon dust could help protect the earth from climate change

Could space dust help protect the earth from climate change?

Discovery of two-million-year-old DNA opens a game-changing new chapter

For the first time, scientists look directly at the DNA of a past ecosystem that far back in time.

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