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View from the top of a measurement tower, where researchers monitor critical forest canopy processes such as photosynthesis, plant water fluxes, leaf characteristics, and growth. (Credit: Joao M. Rosa, AmazonFACE)

Amazon rainforest absorbing less carbon than expected

A new study finds that insufficient nutrient supply has not been properly accounted for in ecosystem models.
The map illustrates that the average change in the Arctic sea level varies regionally. (Image: DTU/DGFI-TUM)

Tracking Climate Change with Radar Eyes

In recent years, there has been an enormous spotlight on the Arctic because of the fast changes in the region. Arctic sea level determination...
When carbon emissions pass a critical threshold, it can trigger a spike-like reflex in the carbon cycle, in the form of severe ocean acidification that lasts for 10,000 years, according to a new MIT study. Stock image

Excitation of carbon cycle could lead mass extinction

Absorption of carbon dioxide on Earth's ocean beyond threshold level can cause extreme ocean acidification due to excitation of Earth’s Carbon Cycle and could be the cause of sixth mass destruction.
Planting 1 billion hectares of forest could help check global warming

Planting 1 billion hectares of forest could help check global warming

The world is getting warmer. Whether the cause is a human activity or natural variability—and the preponderance of evidence says it’s humans—thermometer readings all...
Boaty McBoatface/ Image: University of Southampton

Boaty McBoatface makes major climate change discovery on its first mission

The British research submarine, Boaty McBoatface has made an vital climate change discovery in Antarctica on its very first mission. The submarine was famously...
Analyzing how climate change is affecting plant and animal life in the Atlantic

Analyzing how climate change is affecting plant and animal life in the Atlantic

The iAtlantic project is the biggest at any point mounted in the planet's second largest ocean. It includes more than 30 partners, subsidized by...
Predicting the future for Arctic wetlands

Predicting the future for Arctic wetlands

By now, scientists have made it as clear as they possibly can that climate change is real and greenhouse gas emissions are to blame....
Global temperature change attributable to external factors, finds new study Image credit: Shutterstock

Human activity is responsible for global temperature rise

Human-induced factors such as greenhouse gas concentrations, other occurrences such as volcanic eruptions, solar activity, and air pollution peaks are responsible for global temperature...
A conceptual drawing of an industrial array for converting methane (CH4) to carbon dioxide (CO2) using catalytic materials called zeolites (CUII and FEIV). (Image credit: Jackson, et al. 2019 Nature Sustainability / Artist: Stan Coffman)

Converting methane into carbon dioxide could help turn the tide of climate change

Scientists at Stanford University, in a recent study, have suggested that converting methane to CO2 may help combat climate change. Doing this could help...