Climate Change

Polar bears unlikely to adapt to longer summers

More time stranded on land means greater risk of starvation for polar bears.

Trees struggle to ‘breathe’ due to climate change

They may no longer serve as a solution for offsetting humanity’s carbon footprint.

Widening day and night temperature difference can affect all life on Earth

A recent study conducted by researchers from Chalmers and the University of Gothenburg, among others, has revealed a shift in what scientists already knew...

Climate change threatens older elephants most

Continuing international cooperation, community involvement most important in ensuring elephants’ survival.

Targeted cleaning minimizes post-wildfire toxic chemicals

These compounds are highly toxic.

A carbon-lite atmosphere could be a sign of habitable planet

The James Webb Space Telescope can detect.

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria offer lessons in behavior modifications

Learning from biology for strategic resistance management modification.

Aardvark’s poop may reveal how the species is impacted by climate

Aridification of the landscape is isolating them.

Climate change’s impact on microbes alters the greenhouse gases in oceans

This study can enhance our understanding of their impact on human life.

Now, clouds have no silver lining, but microplastics

Low-altitude and denser clouds contained greater amounts of microplastics.

Massive volcanic eruptions triggered short-lived, historical global cooling

Summer temperatures may be highly sensitive to high latitude volcanic eruptions.

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