Friday, October 7, 2022

Climate Change

Insects struggle to adjust to extreme temperatures

This makes them vulnerable to climate change.

Evidence that giant meteorite impacts formed Earth’s continents

Giant impacts provide a mechanism for fracturing the crust.

New research unveils sea urchin’s secret to surviving marine heatwaves

Identifying the ability of urchins to survive extreme conditions through physiological adaptation.

Earth completed its rotation in less than 24 hours

The planet broke the record again for the shortest day.

How do penguins become oceanic birds?

More than 60 million years of evolutionary history reveal how penguins became oceanic birds.

Prevention of global warming depends on understanding the Earth’s energy imbalance

The only practical way to estimate it is through an inventory of the changes in energy.

Tonga volcano eruption was among the most powerful ever observed

The eruption triggered atmospheric gravity waves reaching the edge of space.

Study deepens mystery behind Mars’ dry climate

On Earth, many forces have combined to keep the conditions remarkably stable for millions of years. But other planets may not be so lucky....

Microplastics found in fresh snow in Antarctica

A serious threat to the Antarctic.

An entirely new class of super-reactive chemical compounds found in the atmosphere

A new type of extremely reactive substance.

Scientists are using autonomous underwater robots to sample eDNA

A new study highlights a major step forward in monitoring ocean health.

Study on the climate history of Dead sea

Climate change is not linear.

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