Climate Change

Rivers are rapidly warming, losing oxygen- risking aquatic life

This is a wake-up call.

Researchers discover evidence of sea star species hybridization

Biologists use whole-genome data to study two types of sea stars.

How do trees influence cloud formation?

This finding could reduce uncertainties in climate models and help make more accurate predictions.

Half of the glaciers vanish with 1.5 degrees of warming

The world's glaciers could lose as much as 40% of their mass by 2100.

Scientists assembled the genome sequences of nearly 300 varieties of potatoes

It is the most extensive collection of genome sequence data for the potato and its relatives to date.

The role of Atlantification in declining Arctic sea ice

How does north Atlantic water influence the arctic ocean climate?

Balancing Biodiversity, Climate Change, and Food: A Trifecta

Scientists identify ways landowners in rural Brazil can find win-win situations, with biodiversity and farming.

Warming temperatures increase groundwater depletion rates in India

India's groundwater depletion rates could triple in the coming decades due to the warming climate.

The relationship between greenhouse gas emissions and polar bear survival rates

How do greenhouse gas emissions affect polar bears?

Arctic soil methane consumption increases in a drier climate

Well-drained soils remove methane from the atmosphere.

Heat stress in cattle is a global risk due to climate change

Expansion of cattle farming and unchecked climate change could expose over 1 billion cows to heat stress.

Climate distress linked to anxiety and action in youth

The psycho-social impacts of the climate crisis on young people in the UK.

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