Greenhouse Gas

How do trees influence cloud formation?

This finding could reduce uncertainties in climate models and help make more accurate predictions.

The relationship between greenhouse gas emissions and polar bear survival rates

How do greenhouse gas emissions affect polar bears?

Arctic soil methane consumption increases in a drier climate

Well-drained soils remove methane from the atmosphere.

Heat stress in cattle is a global risk due to climate change

Expansion of cattle farming and unchecked climate change could expose over 1 billion cows to heat stress.

Coffee provides a performance boost for concrete

Waste coffee grounds can improve concrete.

Electric stoves reduce climate emissions and hospitalizations

The transition from gas to electric cooking offers both climate and health benefits.

Measuring the effectiveness of the land’s carbon sink

Evidence & attribution for land carbon sink enhancement.

Hidden link found between Saharan dust clouds and the levels of atmospheric methane

Sahara dust can enhance removal of methane from the atmosphere.

The new catalyst reduces methane pollution in millions of engines

Researchers show method to remove greenhouse gas from natural gas engine exhaust.

Ocean color changes due to climate change

Color changes indicate significant ecosystem shifts in marine life.

Anthropogenic Effects on climate change

The climate impacts of anthropogenic aerosols and greenhouse gases using several climate models.

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