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Artist impression of Arborea panels on London roofs (credit: Imperial College London // Thomas Glover)

World’s first ‘BioSolar Leaf’ to purify the air in London

Technology is everywhere nowadays. Some might say technology, in general, hurts the environment, but some forms of tech like EVs, smart home technologies, Saving...
EPFL researchers simulate the process of adhesive wear

EPFL researchers simulate the process of adhesive wear

Surface wear depicts the process of material loss when two surfaces come into contact with one another. It has significant economic, social and health...
Scientists turn carbon emissions into usable energy

Scientists turn carbon emissions into usable energy

Carbon emissions contribute to climate change, which can have serious consequences for humans and their environment. Carbon emissions, in the form of carbon dioxide,...
Research Fellow Dr Clément Duvert has found the amount of greenhouse gas released by rivers is not being calculated accurately

Study finds issues with greenhouse gas calculations

In a recent study by the CDU’s Research Institute for the Environment and Livelihoods, scientists have discovered issues with greenhouse gas calculations and suggest that current...
Maps depict the close correlation of crop production, rainfall and temperature in the U.S. Midwest in the last half of the 20th century. In this map, the number of bushels of corn produced are shown in shades of green.

Study discovered intensive agriculture influences regional summer climate

Recently made study at MIT and Dartmouth College uncovered the impact of an additional kind of land harnessing and exorbitant agriculture on regional climate....
Data-driven approach to pavement management lowers greenhouse gas emissions

Data-Driven Approach to Pavement Management Lowers Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Roads are an essential part of the transportation system. It also has a large contribution to greenhouse gas emissions. Scientists from MIT introduces a...