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Three-dimensional model of the novel lipid mesophase: This cubic motif is repeated in the material. (Photo: Peter Rüegg / ETH Zurich)

Water that never freezes

Making ice cubes is a simple process: you take a plastic ice-cube tray like you'd find in most households, fill it with water and...
Waxing gibbous Moon at 11 days old. Credit: Ernie Wright / NASA

Moon could be a chemical factory for water

Using a computer program, NASA scientists have recreated a chemical procedure through which elements for water could be made on the surface of the...
The prototype device used with SION-105 to detect fluoride anions in drinking water (credit: Marie-Thé and Etienne Roux).

New device invented to simplify the measurement of fluoride contamination in water

Fluoride is added to water in small concentrations by many public water suppliers to protect the teeth from decay and to build bone strength....
For ubiquitous and technologically essential system of water, a first-principles thermodynamic description not only leads to excellent agreement with experiments, but also reveals the crucial role of nuclear quantum fluctuations in modulating the thermodynamic stabilities of different phases of water. CREDIT Michele Ceriotti

Understanding water at the atomic level

Electrons and nuclei are the building blocks of most observable matters. Their behaviors in terms of wave function can be analyzed via laws of...
Illustration of water's local structures. The blue lines show the H2O molecules of tetrahedral structure, the red lines show H2O molecules of disordered structure. The large balls show oxygen atoms, the small balls show hydrogen and the dotted white lines represent Hydrogen bonds. Credit: 2018 Hajime Tanaka, Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo

Fast vs slow water: explaining the fragile-to-strong transition

A Japanese research group driven by The University of Tokyo examined the fragile-to-strong transition of water. Not at all like most fluids, when water...
UC Master of Engineering student Benjamin Houlton is researching how filters can be 3D-printed to remove trace metals from wastewater streams and other polluted waterways.

Student develops new 3D-printed water filter to save lives

UC Master of Engineering student Benjamin Houlton from the University of Canterbury is developing 3D-printed water filters that can enhance water quality in developing countries. He is...
This new map of Earth’s stress field in the Permian Basin of West Texas and southeastern New Mexico could help energy companies avoid causing earthquakes associated with oil extraction.

New map profiles induced earthquake risk

Geophysicists at the Stanford have built up a point by point guide of the burdens that demonstration in the Earth all through the Permian Basin...
Scientists Demonstrate that Liquid Water can Generate THz Waves

Scientists Demonstrate that Liquid Water can Generate THz Waves

It was previously impossible to generate THz waves through the water. Even a research has shown that THz waves can be generated from several...
New Evidence Suggests Venus may have had an Ocean

New Evidence Suggests Venus may have had an Ocean

Mars was once considered as the planet that has potential to hold human life, likewise Earth. But the latest evidence suggests that the second...