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Ultra-thin layers of rust generate electricity from flowing water

Thin films of rust generate electricity from flowing saltwater

Until now, we have seen a number of ways to generate electricity and now 'rust' has joined the line. The team of scientist at Caltech...
Illustration. Oil dissolved in water. Credit: @tsarcyanide/MIPT

Scientists dissolve crude oil in water to study its composition

The structures of individual molecules in crude oil remain unknown in spite of the considerable amount of research dedicated to this topic. The extreme...
Boaty McBoatface/ Image: University of Southampton

Boaty McBoatface makes major climate change discovery on its first mission

The British research submarine, Boaty McBoatface has made an vital climate change discovery in Antarctica on its very first mission. The submarine was famously...
A rendering of the infinity pool/ Image: Compass Pools

London to build world’s first 360 Degree Infinity Rooftop Pool

Death defying swimming pools are apparently set to become the latest architecture trend in Central London, allowing visitors to float over 200 meters above...
Image: AMS Institute/MIT

Self-piloting ‘Roboats’ can automatically target and clasp onto each other

Several years ago, MIT and the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS Institute) teamed up on the “Roboat” project. The actual idea was...
Jeff Ong, a mis au point un dispositif permettant de désaliniser l'eau de manière plus écologique © 2019 EPFL

Desalinating water in a greener and more economical way

Water distinguishes our planet compared to all the others we know about. While the global supply of available freshwater is more than adequate to...
The rising Earth from the perspective of the moon © NASA Goddard

Moon formation brought water to the Earth

Earth is the only terrestrial planet with a large amount of water and a relatively large moon, which stabilizes the Earth's axis. Earth grew...
An artist's impression of NASA's New Horizons spacecraft encountering Ultima Thule (2014 MU69), a Kuiper Belt object that orbits one billion miles beyond Pluto, on Jan. 1, 2019. NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute/Steve Gribben

Evidence of water found on Ultima Thule

Ultima Thule is located in the Kuiper Belt, beyond the orbit of Neptune. Located almost 6.5 billion kilometers from the Sun, The object is...
In this artistic rendering of the laser compression experiment, high power lasers focus on the surface of a diamond, generating a sequence of shock waves that propagate throughout the sample assembly (from left to right), simultaneously compressing and heating the initially liquid water sample, forcing it to freeze into the superionic water ice phase. Credit: Millot, Coppari, Hamel, Krauss (LLNL)

Revealing the atomic structure of superionic ice

Using giant lasers, scientists at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) produced wild new kind of ice that is expected to exist inside the...