Decoding the complex dance of electrons in water

A major step in understanding a critical process of many chemical phenomena.

Children in households with firearms have higher lead levels

Child lead levels in the U.S. tied to firearm exposure (2012-2018).

New link between water and planet formation revealed

Scientists have found water vapour in the disc around a young star exactly where planets may be forming.

Every human placenta has Microplastics

Quantitation and identification of microplastic accumulation in human placental specimens.

Water molecule found on Asteroid for the first time

A feature that is unambiguously attributed to molecular water.

Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, may not host life

Titan may not have enough amino acids for life to emerge.

Layers of water ice stretching below grounds at Mars’s equator

Buried water ice at Mars's equator?

The rock that creates clouds

Scientists discovered what happens during this process.

Water molecules at the surface of salt water are organized differently

Water molecule discovery contradicts textbook models.

Using light to capture greenhouse gases

A new method to remove CO2 from the atmosphere.

Bottled water found to contain uncounted tiny plastic fragments

A new microscopic technique zeroes in on the poorly explored world of nanoplastics.

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