fossil fuel

A promising way to efficiently convert carbon dioxide into ethylene

Effective pathway to convert greenhouse gas into valuable products.

A faster, easier way to transform fossil fuel molecule into pure diamond

Researchers have been looking for an ideal, cost-effective way to produce diamonds for decades. Now it seems like the research into the mechanisms of...

New biomass conversion technology converts waste biomass into value-added chemicals

The new technology is expected to reduce our dependency on products made from petrochemicals.

Artificial leaf: A new benchmark in the field of solar fuels

A critical step in closing the global carbon cycle.

Scientists transform the bane of black soot into a boon for water purification

Hitting two birds with one stone, a group of Indian scientists has come up with a new process which promises to help utilize black...

Structure of fossil-fuel source rocks is finally decoded

For the first time, MIT scientists and elsewhere have captured three-dimensional images of kerogen’s internal structure. These images ought to permit more precise expectations of how much...