40% of underprivileged youths lack essential mental health support

Mental health struggles: 4 in 10 Young people in disadvantaged areas face support barriers.

A digital detox may not improve wellbeing, study

Social media users who reduced usage for a week saw decreases in both positive and negative emotions.

Study highlights where and how we feel different kinds of love

Where do we feel love?

Inflammatory signs of teen depression vary by gender

Gender-specific inflammatory markers in adolescent depression.

Confirmed: Opposites don’t attract

Birds of a feather are indeed more likely to flock together, study indicates.

Can money buy happiness?

Higher incomes frequently lead to happier people, but lower incomes face greater happiness inequality.

Dogs are an essential source of comfort for the homeless people

Homeless individuals and dogs form positive relationships, promoting emotional well-being.

These activities are more strongly associated with avoiding dementia risk

The findings may help aged care professionals plan more targeted approaches to reducing dementia risk.

The science of attraction: Why do we fall for a particular person?

Attraction to people with similar interests may be influenced by judging others harshly.

Half of the participants experience false memories of films due to deepfake videos

In new study, deepfakes were no more potent than text descriptions at manipulating memory.

Kitchen bacteria might not be as harmful as you think

The core microbiota persisted despite considerable differences between kitchens in the study.

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