Friday, June 9, 2023

School leaders need more resources to manage poor behavior

School leaders are not exploring alternative approaches to behavior management.

Neurotic people are more likely to suffer from mood swings

Neurotic people experience negative emotions, not only more intensely.

Women’s gymnastics leads NCAA sports in preseason concussions

Female athletes are underrepresented in concussion research.

The benefits of later school entry extend to younger siblings

Having a successful elder siblings at school helps children perform better academically.

Children are more curious to explore the unknown than great apes

Children are more curious to explore the unknown than great apes, but after a glimpse of the potential rewards, apes learn to investigate uncertain...

Lockdowns caused by COVID-19 are associated with less accurate memory of event timing

Participants in a survey study made a relatively high number of errors when asked to recollect the timing of major events that took place...

Low sexual satisfaction is linked to memory decline later in life

Low sexual satisfaction in middle age may predict cognitive decline.

Viewers use self-control to binge-watch tv

Some people will pay to binge-watch shows.

Women are Kinder and Less Selfish, Scientists Suggests

Women appear different from men in terms of mental attitude. They have greater tenderness and less selfish behavior. This is a natural stereotype in...

Modelling Human Psychology to Predict Human Behavior

Human psychology involves the science of behavior and brain, grasping all parts of cognizant and oblivious experience and also thought. An individual's psychological makeup relies...

Pronouns Can Build Confidence in Stressful Situations

While preparing for a presentation or a job interview, people often engage in self-talk, an internal dialogue meant to moderate anxiety. This is more common...

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