Saturday, September 24, 2022


Changes to ozone levels are heating the planet more than we realize

The study has a big impact on the ocean’s ability to absorb excess heat from the atmosphere.

Microscopic ocean predators may be a secret weapon in the battle against climate change

A new species that has the potential to sequester carbon naturally.

Global warming is amplifying our water cycle more rapidly than previously thought

The study signifies broader changes to the global water cycle.

Warm ocean temperatures driven by climate change are the new normal

Century-and-a-half of data show the majority of the ocean’s surface has experienced extreme heat since 2014.

Ozone depletion due to release of iodine dust

Iodine in Desert Dust Destroys Ozone.

Electric Vehicles Provide Lower Carbon Emissions Through Additional Channels

Electric vehicles dominate when indirect supply chain emissions are accounted for.

Toxic microbes caused the largest metazoan extinction in Earth’s history

Toxic microbe burps caused mass extinction.

Himalayan glaciers are shrinking far more rapidly than others

Himalayan glaciers melting at ‘exceptional rate’.

Urbanization causes uncomfortable heat time in Cities

Urban life doesn't seem to be a better option for summers.

Effects of climate change on global mariculture production

Climate change poses risks to the potential seafood production from mariculture.

Carbon beneficial forest management using innovative wood

Innovative wood use can enable carbon-beneficial forest management in California

Unmasking Environmental Impacts of Covid-19

Without better disposal practices, an environmental disaster is looming.

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