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New tool exposes gender inequality across US states

Links between gender inequality, wellbeing, and involvement in #MeToo movement also unveiled.

Unlocking the business value of mental health training for line managers

Benefits also seen for staff recruitment and retention, customer service, and sick leave.

Giant Armadillo: Evidence of early human exploitation in Argentina

Tool marks could be among oldest known evidence for human occupation in southern South America.

Women’s rights in Afghanistan: A study on support

“As a father of daughters”: Afghan men with eldest daughters more likely to favor women’s rights.

The holiday season: A time warp experience

Those excited for Christmas or Ramadan are more likely to feel they come quicker, study shows.

Improving long-term health with diet and exercising for prediabetes

Maintaining prediabetic status after diagnosis reduces risk of death decades later.

How does childhood home temperature influence thermostat setting?

The temperature of your childhood home, among other factors, may help predict your thermostat settings.

Uncovering grading bias in German secondary schools

A study of more than 14,000 German ninth graders shows that a child’s report card shows bias.

The influence of personality traits on smoking patterns

Smokers are on average more extraverted, but less conscientious and agreeable.

The psychological and political characteristics of cryptocurrency owners

Cryptocurrency investors are more likely to report "Dark Tetrad" personality traits.

Mixing antimicrobial peptides can slow antibiotic resistance

Pseudomonas exposed to mixtures instead of single peptides did not gain resistance.

The importance of the human brain’s hypothalamus

fMRI scans to examine how the human hypothalamus controls hunting and escaping behaviors in a virtual survival game.