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Early-life lead exposure leads to a higher risk of criminal activity in adulthood

Still, multi-study review highlights need for more individual-level data to strengthen understanding.

Bees and wasps use similar architectural techniques to connect large hexagons to smaller ones

Despite different building materials and evolutionary histories, they converged on a similar design.

Since 2009, the “swine flu” strain transmitted from humans to swine

Analysis provides further support for managing influenza A infection in people who work with swine.

Pathogens that escape from melting permafrost damage microbial communities

Digital simulation suggests small percentage of pathogens could cause significant ecological damage.

A nematode dormant for 46,000 years in Siberian permafrost revived

Genome analysis shows new nematode species shares molecular toolkit for survival with C. elegans.

Labradors, Jack Russell terriers, and mixed breeds UK’s most-seen dog breeds 

Almost 1 in 5 UK dogs were “flat-faced” breeds, with increased health risks, per new study.

Multitasking behavior was seen in young women more than in men

Young adult women are more prone to take risks while going downstairs compared to young adult men.

Recognizing dog emotions, especially aggression, may improve with age

4-yr-olds were less good than 6-yr-olds adults at reading dog facial expressions, especially for aggression.

771 endangered plant and lichen species threatened by climate change

Despite the risk, very few of these species have recovery plans that directly address climate change.

Conversations happening on social media regarding female genital mutilation

Research may be useful in informing communication and designing culturally effective campaigns against FGM.   

Engineering plants for resilience to climate change

PLOS Biology explores plant engineering to improve climate resilience and carbon capture potential of crops.

Fathers’ psychiatric diagnosis, the chances of preterm birth are higher

New analysis of Swedish birth records suggests it’s not only mothers’ mental health that’s important.