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Ashwini Sakharkar, curious for writing she writes articles for Inceptive Mind and Tech Explorist. She is open-minded and loves to explore her knowledge. Sincere, friendly, curious, ambitious, party lover and to be continued...
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Lasers could help solve the world’s plastic problem

This discovery has significant implications for addressing environmental challenges.

Long-lasting pain after laser eye surgery is linked to tear proteins

Shifts in the amounts of certain groups of proteins could one day identify at-risk persons.

Miniature, implantable LED device fights cancer with light

Bringing light's benefits to these harder-to-access cancers.

Ancient large kangaroo mainly used four legs to move

This 'giant wallaby' was a poor hopper.

Advanced optical computing tech promises to enhance data processing and encryption

A major advancement in optical computing technology.

Weaker ocean circulation could release more carbon into the atmosphere

New findings challenge current thinking on the ocean's role in storing carbon.

New brain imaging technique uses a transparent window in patient’s skull

Functional ultrasound imaging can record brain activity through a transparent skull implant.

New study reveals climate impact of long-distance passenger travel

It shows that targeting long-distance travel may be a more effective way of tackling emissions.

New battery design promises more energy and less environmental impact

It could significantly boost the range of electric vehicles.

Painting roofs white can be more effective at cooling cities

Cool roofs are best at beating cities' heat!

Glaciation of Antarctic ice activated roughly 34 million years ago

It was not until at least 7 million years later that ice was able to advance towards West Antarctic coasts.