Friday, May 20, 2022

Ashwini Sakharkar

Ashwini Sakharkar, curious for writing she writes articles for Inceptive Mind and Tech Explorist. She is open-minded and loves to explore her knowledge. Sincere, friendly, curious, ambitious, party lover and to be continued...

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New kind of solar cells generate electricity even at night

Technology can now deliver power in the dark.

Converting CO2 to formic acid

Lights, Catalyst, Reaction!

A novel platform for ‘Second Quantum Revolution’

The polariton is a quasiparticle formed by the strong coupling to a matter excitation. It is a crucial ingredient of emergent photonic quantum systems ranging from semiconductor nanophotonics to circuit quantum electrodynamics. Using the interaction between polaritons...

A bright and pure single-photon emitter that works at room temperature

It shows photon emission rates up to 1 MHz.

A way to overcome the scaling up problems of perovskites

A solution to perovskite solar cell scalability problems.

Scientists developed ultra-high-speed, high-efficiency optoelectronic logic gates

It enables all 5 basic logic operations with one optical-logic gate.

New tandem solar cell delivers a certified efficiency of 29.2%

This achievement was made possible by combining a perovskite solar cell with a textured silicon solar cell.

A paper-thin loudspeaker

The flexible, thin-film device can make any surface into a low-power, high-quality audio source.