Saturday, September 24, 2022

Ashwini Sakharkar

Ashwini Sakharkar, curious for writing she writes articles for Inceptive Mind and Tech Explorist. She is open-minded and loves to explore her knowledge. Sincere, friendly, curious, ambitious, party lover and to be continued...

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Activated carbon could also eliminate the smell of urine from diapers

Activated carbon is used in the kitchen hood to remove food.

New reactor can destroy ‘forever chemicals’

A new way to destroy both PFOA and PFOS.

New painless tattoos can be self-administered

This could be a way not only to make medical tattoos more accessible.

Automating microscope control for imaging biological events

Intelligent microscopes for detecting rare biological events.

Study offer ways to deal with sleep problems during heat waves

Environmental temperatures outside thermal comfort can strongly affect human sleep.

Antarctica’s ice shelves may be melting at an accelerated rate

How do coastal ocean currents increase Antarctic ice shelf melt?

Scientists developed the smallest flow-driven motors in the world

The results open new perspectives for engineering active robotics at the nanoscale.

A novel method for visualizing cell secretion like never before

Simple yet powerful.