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Recent articles

How plant hormones influence the growth of roots?

The length of plant roots is controlled by hormones.

ALMA shows volcanic impact on Jupiter’s moon Io’s atmosphere

Active volcanoes directly produce 30-50 percent of Io’s atmosphere.

Scientists discovered a new mechanism that causes Alzheimer’s disease

Cause of Alzheimer's disease traced to a mutation in the common enzyme.

Study portrays the atmosphere of exoplanet ‘hot Neptune’

Study details atmosphere on 'hot Neptune' 260 light-years away that 'shouldn't exist'.

Time crystals may be the next major leap in quantum network research

Simulating complex quantum networks with time crystals.


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My articles

Developing 3D photodetectors for biomedical imaging

Innovation spins spider web architecture into 3D imaging technology.

A new method for controlling the edges of 2D materials

Creating perfect edges in 2D-materials.

Walking inside individual cells

It could be used to understand fundamental problems in biology.

Printing sensors directly on human skin

An international team of researchers developed a novel technique to produce precise, high-performing biometric sensors.

Overreaction of immune cells could be linked to severe cases of COVID-19

Scientists are urgently seeking to understand how COVID-19 can become severe.

Nights warming faster than days, study

Global warming is affecting daytime and night-time temperatures differently.