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New low-power desalination method could be used in disaster zones

New method for purifying drinking water could be used in disaster-hit areas with limited electrical power.

Lab-on-a-drone system detects and measures air pollutants in real-time

The detection device also transmits its results via Bluetooth to a smartphone.

3D-printed living material could clean polluted water

A sustainable and eco-friendly solution to clean pollutants from water.

Energy-efficient wireless information and power transfer system for IIoT

This technology is expected to pave the way for more efficient and optimized IoT environments.

New research could help advance clean energy storage technology

Striking gold with molecular mystery solution for potential clean energy.

High-speed AI drone beats world champions in drone racing

Researchers set a new milestone with the first autonomous system capable of beating human champions.

Generating electricity directly from methylcyclohexane using SOFC

Direct generation requires lower energy than the dehydrogenation reaction of MCH.

Researchers improve all-solid-state lithium-sulfur battery performance

It can provide good charging and discharging performance for batteries even under -40 °C.

Zinc-air batteries could be a better alternative to lithium-ion

New research shows batteries built from zinc and air could be the future of powering electric vehicles.

Colorful new paint reduces heating and cooling energy use

New paint can keep homes and other buildings cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Tactile dual-arm robot achieves bimanual tasks using AI

An innovative bimanual robot displays tactile sensitivity close to human-level dexterity using AI.

Preventing lithium plating could lead to faster-charging EVs

New study finds ways to suppress lithium plating in automotive batteries for faster charging EV.